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Hunan Cancer Hospital – The Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University, with fixed assets of RMB 1,587 million, is located at the bank of the Xiang River, the northwest of Mount Yuelu in Changsha City, and beside Xianjia Lake of West Lake Cultural Park, covering an area of 101,200 square meters, with a gross floor area of 181,200 square meters, of which 124,600 square meters or so are used for business. The Hospital was founded in 1972, passed the national review for “Grade IIIA ” specialized cancer hospital in 1994, was officially designated as “The Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University” in 2012, became the first JCI (Joint Commission International)-accredited cancer hospital in China in 2014, became a sister hospital of the MD Anderson Cancer Center (USA) in 2015, was approved to be a national-level standardized training base for resident physicians, successfully passed the on-site examination for the national key specialty development projects during the 12th Five-Year Plan, and ranked in China’s top 100 hospitals for the project of enhancing the competence to diagnose and treat difficult and complicated diseases in 2017. At present, the Hospital has developed into a “Grade IIIA” specialized cancer hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, prevention, and rehabilitation, and is a provincial cancer prevention and treatment research center. The National Drug Clinical Trial Institutions, Hunan Provincial Cancer Medical Center, the Provincial Institute of Cancer Research, the Provincial Office of Cancer Prevention Research, the Hunan Provincial Anti-Cancer Association, Hunan International School for Enterostomal Therapists, and the journal of Anti-Tumor Pharmacy are all affiliated with the Hospital.

The Hospital provides high-quality, highly effective medical services for cancer patients of the province and neighboring provinces, progresses continually in the deepening of medical reform, actively explores tiered diagnosis/treatment, pricing, and healthcare systems characterized by the specialty of oncology. The Hospital has established the first medical alliance for oncology in Hunan Province, which is joined by the provincial-level, city-level, and county-level medical institutions, has 170 members from the start, and has its presence across the entire province. In 2017, the Hospital had 372,781 outpatient attendances, increasing by 4.06% year on year; 93,763 admissions, increasing by 5.5% year on year; 16,870 operations on inpatients, increasing by 5.92% year on year; a 116.98% rate of utilization of hospital beds, increasing by 6.95% year on year; a bed turnover ratio of 48.01%, increasing by 5.49% year on year; and an average hospital stay of 9.79 days, nearly the same as that of the previous year.

I. Perfect Organizational Structure and Advanced Equipment and Facilities The Hospital has 1,490 beds as planned, 41 clinical departments, and 13 medico-technical departments. Up to December 31, 2017, the Hospital had 2,189 in-service employees, 1,925 professional and technical personnel, proximately accounting for 87.93% of the entire staff, 549 employees with senior professional titles, proximately accounting for 25.07%, 12 experts receiving the special government allowance granted by the State Council, 2 experts receiving the special allowance granted by the provincial government, 1 “Famous Doctor of Xiangya Hospital”, 14 “The 121 Project” experts, 9 “The 225 Project” experts, and 2 experts of the provincial “Hundred Talents Program”. The Hospital has world-class, state-of-the-art instrumentation and equipment, the first PET/CT and the first helical tomotherapy (Tomo®Therapy) system in the province, including a number of linear accelerators such as the high precision, high dose rate Trilogy linear accelerator, a fully automatic biochemistry analyzer, an Infinia ECT, a 3.0T nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, a radiotherapy simulator CT scanner, an imported multi-slice helical CT scanner, a full-field digital gastrointestinal endoscopy machine, an imported full-field digital mammography, a high-definition electronic thoracoscope and electronic endoscope, an imported real-time four-dimensional color doppler ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, etc., and 127 apparatuses worth of more than RMB 1 million. The clinical medical technology inpatient building put into service in 2010 has provided “one-stop” services, opened brighter prospects for the Hospital’s development, and won the “The Luban Prize for Construction Project”, the highest honor in the Chinese building construction sector, in 2011.

II. Leading Specialty Competence and Complete Range of Treatment Methods At present, the Hospital has 3 national-level key clinical specialties (Oncology, Specialist Care, andIntegrated Chinese and Western Medicine), 7 provincial-level key clinical specialties (Gynecology, Medical Imaging, Clinical Pharmacy, General Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Radiotherapy, and Anesthesiology). Based on the development of the specialty of oncology and on the principle of comprehensive treatment, 16 treatment centers are set up according to disease categories, each of which has a standardized scheme for diagnosis and treatment. To improve therapeutic effects, the Hospital conducts oncoplastic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, tissue engineering, biological therapy, radionuclide therapy, molecular targeting, stem cell transplantation, vascular grafting, radiofrequency hyperthermia, interventional therapy, and other characteristic treatments while perfecting comprehensive treatment methods such as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine, integrated Chinese and Western medicine, etc. The 5-year survival rate of the Hospital’s hospitalized cases for 12 major common malignant tumors reaches the domestic advanced level or leads in China. The Hospital has also set up a hospice sponsored by Li Ka Shing Foundation, providing a supporting service funding of RMB 1.4 million every year, and pioneers clinical spiritual care services in China, providing hospice services for poor and late-stage cancer patients free of charge, and continually improving the quality of cancer patients’ lives.

III. Progressive Scientific Research and Recognized Competence In 2017, the Hospital was awarded 63 government-sponsored scientific research projects, won a first, a second, and a third prize of the Hunan Medical Science and Technology Award, achieving a breakthrough in winning a first prize of the Hunan Medical Science and Technology Award; won a first and a second prize of Technology Award of Hunan Nursing Association, published 307 academic papers, 53 of which were included in SCI, with an average impact factor of 139.245. At present, the Hospital has 13 doctoral advisors and 68 Master’s advisors. The world’s first academic monograph on oncoplastic surgery monograph Oncoplastic Surgery by Prof. Zhou Xiao was published.

The Hospital has a post-doctoral research station, a central laboratory and laboratory animal center with advanced equipment, etc, and 7 medical research and treatment centers: the Radiotherapy Translational Medicine Hunan Key Laboratory, the Provincial Oncoplastic Surgery Clinical Medical Research Center, the Provincial Gynecological Oncologyclinical Medical Research Center, the Provincial Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Research Center, the Provincial Lung Cancer Prevention and Treatment Research Center, the National Esophageal Cancer Clinical Research Sub-center, and the Provincial Thyroid Tumor Treatment Center. The Hospital is a national clinical pharmacist training base, a provincial standardized cancer treatment training base, a provincial backbone physicians training base, a provincial specialized oncology nurse standardized training base, and a provincial PICC specialized nurse standardized training base.

IV. Furthering International Collaboration, Enhancing International Influence The Hospital extensively collaborates with a number of countries and regions such as the United States, France, Hong Kong, etc, and arranges for reciprocal expert visits, lectures, researches and exchanges in the areas of specialty, management, culture, etc. The Hospital, relying on being a sister hospital of The MD Anderson Cancer Center (USA), successfully signed memorandums of understanding with Israel’s two major top medical institutions Rabin Medical Center and Shaare Zedek Medical Center in 2017; signed a cooperation agreement with Northwestern University of the U.S.A., becoming the hospital’s only overseas gynecological oncology diplomate training base; has also become a friendship hospital with the Centre Regional de Lutte Contre Le Cancer (CRLC) in France, and established long-term partnerships with a number of cancer prevention and treatment research institutes such as Institute Curie in France, the University of Minnesota Medical School, the UCSF School of Nursing (U.S.A), etc.

V. Focusing on Humanistic Care and Creating a Superior Regional Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment The Hospital has been adhering to the service concept of “People Oriented and Centering round Patients”, performing “Patients First and Social Benefits Foremost”, and constantly striving to develop Hunan Province’s cancer prevention and treatment system and raise the its level of diagnosis and treatment for over 40 years since its founding. After years of development, the Hospital already has ranked among the best of the same-level and same-category hospitals in China, 11th nationwide and 1st in central China in the ranking of hospitals issued by the Hospital Management Research Institute of Fudan University in 2016.

The Hospital has been granted national-level, provincial/ministerial-level, and department-level awards on many occasions, and once honorably titled “People’s Trustworthy Demonstration Hospital of China”, “One of 100 Best Hospitals of China”, “Advanced Collective in the Healthcare System of China”, “Quality Nursing Care Outstanding Performance Hospital of China”, “Hospitals’ Health Culture Building Advanced Entity of China”, “Model Landscaping Entity of China”, “Advanced Entity in the Healthcare System of Hunan Province”, etc.

The Hospital has formed the spirit of “philanthropy, professionalism, truth pursuit, pragmatism” and the motto of “Make the Hospital successful with one mind, serve patients whole-heartedly” in its development process. Standing on a new historic starting point, centering round the goal of training “academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering” and striving to build a research-intensive and innovative hospital, we will endeavor to develop the Hospital into an internationalized regional center for cancer prevention and treatment with first-class technology, services, style and ambience” according to the overall work requirements of “science-leading, systemization, standardization, sequencing, informatization, and legislation”.

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