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Anesthesiology Department of Hunan Provincial Tumor Hospital, founded in 1977, after 30 years of development, is the key disciplines of the Hunan Provincial Health Department currently, and is one of the Sanjia hospital of Hunan Province. We not only have strong technical force with one PACU clinical disciplines, 25 modern equipment operating rooms, 11 beds of PACU, pain clinic, laboratory narcotic pain ward, anesthesia library, classrooms and other infrastructure multimedia shows; but also have technology strong technical team, including 38 doctors, a doctoral tutor, 2 Master Instructors, 7 chief physicians, 11 deputy chief physicians,7 nurses.

The services of our department range from clinical anesthesia, PACU, pain treatment and hospital emergency intubation, deep vein catheterizing, painless gastroscopy, painless branch peep, painless microwave ablation, etc.. The average daily surgical volume is about 60 units. Anesthesia machine equipped with 23 sets, 33 sets of multi-parameter monitor, video laryngoscopes, bronchofibroscope, defibrillators, ultrasound machine, blood gas analyzer and other imported equipment. Major surgery is equipped with invasive measurement of cardiac function, insulation systems. Since 2011, we applied the anesthetic management of information technology.

We do different kind of tumor surgery except heart tumor, such as brain, neck, chest, abdominal, orthopedic, breast, gynecological, urological surgery. We are especially good at tracheal tumors, pheochromocytoma, pelvic tumors and other major surgical anesthesia in the forefront of peers. We establishe 13 clinical study group including: neurosurgery anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia, elderly anesthesia, thoracic surgical anesthesia (including trachea external pressure, the lower airway invasion process), Head and Neck anesthesia (including head and neck difficult airway ), ovarian cancer anesthesia, laparoscopic surgery anesthesia, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery anesthesia, urology and endocrine tumors anesthesia, orthopedics tumor anesthesia, pain treatment, perioperative acute pain treatment and anesthesia monitoring treatment. Anesthesia recovery room (PACU) is opened everyday, and about 60 patients are admitted.

Department of Pain ward was established in July 2013, 20 anesthesiologes were involved in t pain clinic services, including 3 chief physicians, 2 deputy chief physicians, 5 physicians, 10 residents. Professor Yang Jinfeng is a member of the anesthesia and analgesia Professional Committee of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, deputy director of the Professional Committee of Hunan Province, members of pain, anesthesia professional committee members Hunan Province, Hunan Province, 225 projects anesthesia academic leaders, who learnt anesthesia and analgesia in Paris XII and the University of Miami school of Medicine, school of Medicine; Dr. Liu Jingshi is a member of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association executive director, executive vice president of the cancer Association of Hunan, Hunan Province anesthesia deputy director of the professional Committee; Professor Wang Mingde, director of the center for anesthesia anesthesiologist  is a member of the Hunan Provincial Commission on Narcotic for the Chinese Medical Association,; Associate Professor Dr. Zhang Xian is currently a full-time deputy director for pain ward physician. There are 19 nurses in department of Anesthesiology and Pain ward.

Department of Pain ward is admitted to treat cancer pain patients, which includes 8 beds, and with a variety of advanced pain therapy equipment, including the C-arm, ultrasound-guided systems, ozone treatment, multifunction microwave apparatus, spinal the analgesic drug infusion systems, multi-monitor, patient-controlled analgesia instrument. Medical staffs  implement the "patient-centered" culture department to address a variety of cancer-related pain problems mission to improve the quality of life of patients. There are many discipline main advantages: (1) we could do many clinical treatments of pain: radiofrequency ablation, spinal analgesic drug infusion port of implantation, the solar plexus and the hypogastric plexus damage, percutaneous vertebroplasty and a variety of patient-controlled analgesia techniques relieve pain; (2) we do many basic and clinical researches: the main direction for the cause and mechanism of cancer pain studies; opioid analgesic drug consumption and gene polypeptide relevance.

We also do many researches about perioperative blood conservation and immune protection of cancer patients. Every year more than thirty professional papers are published in various magazines. During the past three years, a total of 38 papers were published (5 SCI papers), and we had more than 46 conference articles published, more than 10 research projects, 4 scientific research award. We compiled "2008 59th Annual Meeting of ASA updated meta-knowledge" and prepared a "cancer-related pain treatment guidelines and appropriate technology - the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain," to guide the province standardized treatment of chronic pain. We conducted two sessions of the National Cancer anesthetic management of patients with chronic disease classes in English 2012 and 2013. We established a national cancer surgery training centre and the depth of anesthesia monitoring the depth of anesthesia training center in Hunan Province.

Currently, we form a complete clinical work standardization procedure, so we do the work normalizedly and institutionalizedly. The staffs do their work closely around the overall reformation of the hospital. We tried to serve the patients with our all passion, and strive to improve the quality of care and medical safety. We try our best to provide the excellent service to our patients.

  • Dr. YANG Jinfeng

    Professor & Director

    Perioperative Blood Protection for Tumor patients; hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury mechanism and protection, Cancer pain and perioperative acute pain management.

  • Dr. WANG Mingde


    Anesthesia in elderly patients and difficult thoracic surgery. Also he is good at the management of difficult airway, care and treatment of severe case and therapy of chronic pain.

  • Dr. GAO Xingyang

    Professor & Vice Director

    Thoracic anesthesia, especially with huge tumor in the chest and trachea tumors.

  • Dr. DONG Changsheng


    Difficult airway with tumor invasion and anesthetic management during resection of pheochromocytoma resection of huge intra-abdominal tumor and liver transplantation ;Advanced carcinoma pain and perioperative acute pain.

  • Dr. ZHAO Jianghong


    anesthesia management in surgery ,perioperative fluid balance and perioperative cardiovascular disease treatment. Especially on treatment of emergent and severe cases and anesthesia resuscitation.

  • Dr. XUE Yanghui


    hepatobiliary surgery and pancreatic surgery ,difficult airway ,volume therapy and anesthesia of organ transplantation.

  • Dr. MA Xingli

    Associate Professor & Vice Director

    Difficult airway and surgical anesthesia for cardiothoracic surgery,neurosurgery,hepatobiliary surgery and aged patients.

  • Dr. ZENG Jun

    Associate Professor & Vice Director of Outpatient Office

    Complex maxillofacial surgery, pheochromocytoma surgery, severe acute pancreatitis surgery, esophageal carcinoma surgery, lung cancer surgery and noncardiac surgery of patients with cardiovascular problems . Intensive study of various invasive monitoring and pain treatment.

  • Dr. ZHOU Yingcai

    Associate Professor

    Anesthesia of thoracic surgery ,neurosurgery, hepatobiliary surgery ,plastic surgery, surgery of the aged. He researched deliberately on the difficult airway management and surgical anesthesia of endocrine tumor.

  • Dr. WEI Jia

    Associate Professor

    The management of difficult airway, deep venipuncture, arterial blood pressure monitoring and muscle relaxation monitoring. Postoperative analgesia and treatment of advanced cancer pain.

  • Dr. PENG Li

    Associate Professor

    Anesthesia of arthroplasty, microvascular anastomosis. difficult airway and surgical anesthesia of head and neck tumor, huge abdominal tumor and the elderly .

  • Dr. SHEN Fangsong

    Associate Professor

    Painless gastroscopy examination ,painless bronchoscopy examination, laryngeal mask airway and the surgical anesthesia of tumor patients and noncardiac surgery of patients with cardiovascular problems

  • Dr. LEI Yuzhong

    Associate Professor

    Resection of pheochromocytoma ,resection of huge intra-abdominal tumor. Anesthesia of female tumor surgery, thoracic surgery, neurosurgery ,hepatobiliary surgery ,plastic surgery, surgery of the aged.

  • Dr. LIU Weizhen

    Associate Professor

    Clinic  anesthesia with complications, difficult airway and rescue of  critical patients.

  • Dr. SUN Huiping

    Associate Professor

    Anesthesia managements in surgery, especially in neurosurgery, cancer patients perioperative blood conservation, anesthesia and tumor immunity

  • Dr. WEN Yiyun

    Associate Professor

    Pediatric anesthesia, cardiovascular anesthesia and the anesthesia of cancer patients with chronic diseases.

  • Dr. ZHANG Xianhong

    Associate Professor

    the basis of cancer pain and clinic research

  • Dr.BAI Jie

    Associate Professor

  • Dr.XIA Yuefeng

    Associate Professor

  • Dr.GUO Liang

    Associate Professor

  • Dr.ZHOU Zhiguo

    Associate Professor

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Tel: 89762593
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