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Gynecologic Oncology Ward II is a clinical department with strong professional characteristics. It is also a gynecological oncology treatment center integrating gynecology, oncology surgery, medical oncology, tumor radiotherapy, immunity, biology and other comprehensive treatments. The department specializes in the treatment of various types of benign and malignant tumors related to female reproductive organs, such as cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, vulvar cancer, vaginal cancer, fallopian tube cancer, and gestational trophoblastic tumors, etc. The department was established in 1997 and is a key professional department of Hunan Province. It has well-known academic leaders in China and a group of high-quality and highly educated elites. The department has successively won the titles of “National Women’s Health and Construction Awards” and “Furong Models”, etc. The department is a model ward for quality care services awarded by the Ministry of Health. “Patient-centered” is its service concept. The management of the department is very scientific. The staffs of the department unite and cooperate and forge ahead. They provide standardized and individualized treatment for all gynecologic oncology patients and carry out a series of new technologies and new projects:

1. The department focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of young gynecological oncology patients, and pays special attention to protecting the physiological fertility function of young women. They use cold knife conization to treat early cervical cancer and precancerous lesions, and vaginal prolongation for young women with cervical cancer. In addition, they use extensive cervical resection for cervical cancer patients and progesterone treatment for patients with endometrial cancer. For patients with early ovarian cancer, they use a reduction in fertility preservation. They also use GnRha to protect the ovarian function of young chemotherapy patients. This series of treatments preserves the reproductive function of young patients and improves the quality of life of patients.

2.The department has done a lot of research to reduce various post-treatment complications: preservation of saphenous vein and partial urethral resection for the treatment of vulvar cancer, application of autologous blood transfusion in gynecologic surgery, retention of pelvic autonomic nerve during radical resection of cervical cancer, maintaining of patient sexual function and urinary function to reduce the occurrence of urinary retention and urinary incontinence, and individualized different surgical approaches. These treatments, especially minimally invasive treatment (transverse incision, vaginal, laparoscopic), are effective in reducing the incidence of various complications.

3. The department continues to improve minimally invasive surgery for gynecologic malignancies and has developed a range of treatments, including laparoscopic radical resection of cervical cancer, endometrial cancer staging operation, abdominal para-aortic lymphadenectomy, and early ovarian cancer reduction. The department pays attention to the treatment of advanced recurrence and difficult intractable cases.

4. The department attaches great importance to the treatment of advanced, recurrent, and intractable cases. The three-dimensional conformal and intensity modulated radiation therapy of recurrent pelvic cancer, laparoscopic second-look laporatomy of ovarian cancer, and pelvic exenteration, etc., solve the treatment of some difficult cases in clinical practice and improves the survival rate of the patient with gynecological malignant tumors.

5. The department attaches great importance to scientific research and academic development, and continuously improves the level of scientific research and teaching. The department held the 9th National Conference of the Gynecologic Oncology Committee of the China Anti-Cancer Association, and presided over several provincial and department-level scientific research projects and won many awards. In addition, the department also participated in editingGeneral Practitioner's Handbook, Practical Gynecological Oncology, Practical Oncology, and Diagnostic and Efficacy Criteria for Various Diseases. Senior doctors in the department often go to other places to give lessons and undertake teaching and training for advanced doctors in grassroots hospitals inside and outside the province.

6. The department pays attention to the mental health of patients and the vascular protection of patients with chemotherapy. Among the nurses in the department, there are 4 national certified psychological counselors to provide high-quality psychological care for patients. Seven nurses in the department received PICC accreditation, and they relieved the pain of multiple punctures and effectively reduced the occurrence of extravasation of chemotherapy drugs. The application of Port (infusion port) has also been promoted.

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