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Dr. WANG Jing
Gynecologic Oncology Ward V, Professor & Vice President of the hospital
  • Education & Professional Experiences:

    1988 Major of Medical Treatment, Department of Medicine, Hunan Medical University (currently Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University).

    2001-2002 Studied in French Training Center, Department of Health, Shanghai Second Medical University (currently Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine).

    2003-2004 Studied gynecological radiotherapy and surgery in Medical College of University of Paris VL and University Paris XII Val de Marne.

    9/2004 Promoted to be the Professor and vice director of General Department of Gynecologic Oncology, Hunan Cancer Hospital.    

    4/2004-11/2004 Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Shannan People’s Hospital, Tibet

    2005 Organized the establishment of the Third Department of Gynecologic Oncology of Hunan Cancer Hospital and acted as the director.

    9/2007  Acted as the vice president of Hunan Cancer Hospital and vice director of GCP.

    2010-2011 EMHA, Tongji Medical College of HUST.

    2012 Ph.D. Gynecologic Oncology of Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University.

  • Specialty:

    Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for gynecologic malignant tumors, and function reconstruction after destructive tumor treatment; rich experiences in treatment for intractable, severe and advanced gynecologic tumors. She is specialized in providing the individual treatment plan for gynecologic tumor patients, and providing best combined treatment by using the up-to-date technology and medicines. She pays more attention to the combination of foundation research and clinical practices, better transforming the foundation research to guide the clinical work.

  • Research:

    1. Head of sub-topic, Basic research on new methods and new technology of biological sensing and targeted drug system for early diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer,  key project supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (21135001)

    2. PI, Correlation of long noncoding RNA and ovarian cancer occurrence and development and its control mechanism, supported by Hunan Natural Science Foundation (2015JJ2093)

    3.PI, Research on individualized difference of curative effects, toxic and side effects of Platinum- paclitaxel drugs in treatment of ovarian cancer, supported by Hunan Cancer Hospital.

    4. PI, Research on super sensitive biosensor based on DNA identification unit and its application to early diagnosis of ovarian cancer (responsible person), supported by Hunan Natural Science Foundation (11JJ3116).

    5. Direct of Prevention, Treatment and Research Center of Gynecologic Oncology, supported by Hunan Provincial Department of Health.

    6. Head of sub-topic, Research on Application of aptamer to early diagnosis and targeted treatment of Hepatitis C,  key project 2009ZX10004-312 of the “Eleventh Five-Year” plan of Ministry of Health.

    7. PI, “Gynecological Oncology and Endometriosis Clinical Data System” of Xiangya Clinical Data System ,  South China University.

    8.Second responsible person, Research on function and its mechanism of human epididymis proteine-4 and eukaryotic initiation factor 3a in epithelial ovarian cancer, key project supported by China Hunan Provincial Science & Technology Department. 11JJ1116

    9. Preparation of Fe3O4-glucans-anti-human sarcoma of uterus monoclonal antibody magnetic nanoparticles granule with stem cell functionality and research on its target therapy effect, supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, second responsible person, No.: 81472433

  • Publications:

    1. Jing Wang,Ling Xiao, Chenhui LUO, Hui Zhou, Jun HU, YUxi Tang, Kaining Fang, YI Zhang    Overexpression of TRPM7 is Associated with Poor Prognosis in Human Ovarian Carcinoma  2014,15(9) Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention( Included in SCI)


    YAN TANG2, XUE‑HENG ZHAO2, MIN ZHAO2 and YI ZHANG  CD44v6 promotes β‑catenin and TGF‑β expression, inducing aggression in ovarian cancer cells  MOLECULAR MEDICINE REPORTS(Included in SCI)

    3 Jing Wang; Qian-jing  Liao; Yi Zhang; Hui Zhou; Chen-hui  Luo; Jie Tang; Ying Wang; Yan Tang; Min Zhao; Xue-heng Zhao; Qiong-yu Zhang; Ling Xiao   TRPM7 is required for ovarian cancer cell growth, migration and invasion

    Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications(Included in SCI)

    4.Nianli Liu, Chaohui Zhao,XiaoHONG Wang, Tianran Chen, Daong Yang, Jing  Wang and Haizhen ZU    miR-942 decreases TRAIL-induced apoptosis through ISG12a downregulation and is regulated by AKT 2014 6 Oncotarget(Included in SCI) 


    5.Pingpin Wen, Man Niu, Suming Pan, Yanhong Zhou, Cijun Shai, Jing Wang  Shuping Peng and Guiyuan Li    a novel target for nasopharyngeal carcinoma therapy  2014 5 Cancer stem-like cell(Included in SCI)

    6. Zhao FH,Tiggelaar SM,Wang J,et al.    A multi-center survey of age of sexual debut and sexual behavior in Chinese women:Suggestions for optimal age of human papillomavirus vaccination in China.Cancer Epidemiol,2012,36(4):384-390(Included in SCI)

    7.  Zhao FH,Tiggelaar SM,Hu SY,Wang J et al .   A multi-center survey of HPV Knowledge and Attitudes Toward HPV Vaccination among Women,Government Officials,and Medical Personnel in China.Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention,2012,13(5):2369-237(Included in SCI)

    8. Wang J, Li KY and Zhou J. Influence of β-tubulin I Exon 4 Mutations on Docetaxel Effect in Patients with Local Advanced Cervical Cancer. Anti-Tumor Pharmacy. 2011; 1 (6): 489-492.

    9. Wang J, Zeng L, Wu SQ, Li ZY, Li ZZ and Zhang Y. Clinical Pathological Study on Galectin7 and MMP9 Expression in Cervical Adenocarcinoma. Progress in Modern Biomedicine. 2013; 13 (18).


    10. Wang J, Luo CH and Tang YX, New Clinical Research Progress of Ovarian Cancer. Anti-Tumor Pharmacy. 2013; 8 (4): 242-245.   


    11. Wang J, Xu KK, Shi BG, Zhang KQ, Zhou P, Liao XZ, Liu SX and Zhang Y. An Analysis of the Prognostic Factors in 4374 Cases with Cervical Cancer. China Cancer. 2013.


    12. Wang J, Li JS, Hu J and Liao QJ, Biosensor and its application to the diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer. Journal of Chinese Physician. 2013; 12 (15): 1720-1723 

  • Awards:

    1. Wang Jing, Chen Yile, Wu Xiaoying, Chen Senlin and Xu Xuanzhi. “Expression, ultrastructural localization and clinical significance of vascular endothelial growth factor in epithelial ovarian carcinoma” awarded the third prize of the fifth session of Hunan Medical Science and Technology Progress (No. 20060309), 2006.

    2. Chen Yile, Wang Jing, Wu Xiaoying and Chen Senlin. “Correlation of anti-cancer effect of Langerhans’ cells and prognosis of cervical cancer” awarded the third prize of the first session of Hunan Medical Science and Technology Progress (No.: 200239), 2002.


    3. Tang Jie, Wang Jing, Zhang Yun, Li Junjun, Luo Chenhui, Yao Ying, Guan Rui, Zhong Jingmin, Tian Wenfang and He Jie. Clinical basic research on igf-1r in early diagnosis, prognostic prediction and gene targeted treatment for epithelial ovarian carcinoma (No. 201460), 2014.

      Talents in Project 121 of Hunan New Century, one of first-batch health backbone trained talents of Hunan Provincial Department of Health

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