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Gynecologic Oncology Ward V is the provincial key ward and is applying for the national key ward. The department mainly focuses on three basic treatment methods, namely, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and continuously introduces new technologies and new projects at home and abroad for clinical treatment. At present, the department has electronic accelerator, Ir192 high-dose rate after-loading therapy machine, laparoscopic (ligasure, ultrasonic scalpel), FEP-BYO1 high-energy focused ultrasonic scalpel, hysteroscopy, Leep knife, electronic colposcopy and other advanced equipment. The department conducts laparoscopic radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymph node dissection to treat early cervical cancer and endometrial cancer. For young and early cervical invasive cancer patients, the department uses minimally invasive surgery to preserve fertility, repair and reconstruction surgery for vulvar cancer after radical surgery for vulvar cancer, and cell cytoreductive surgery for advanced and recurrent ovarian cancer. The department also carries out comprehensive treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy for gynecologic malignancies. There are 3 doctors, 5 masters, 3 chief physicians, 3 associate chief physicians and 5 attending doctors in the department. The department presided over 8 research projects at or above the provincial level, and has published 3 SCI papers and more than 40 core journal papers.


Department purpose: the department is people-oriented and aims to improve survival rate. It is committed to reducing patient trauma, improving the quality of life of patients, and allowing cancer patients to live with dignity.


1. The department focuses on multidisciplinary cooperation. For difficult cases, the department often has multidisciplinary consultations and multidisciplinary surgery. It has achieved satisfactory results in the surgical treatment of advanced and recurrent ovarian cancer, advanced and recurrent vulvar cancer. This effectively ensures the surgical safety and improves the survival rate. In addition, the department carried out arteriovenous vascular replacement and rectus abdominis flap surgery for advanced recurrent vulvar cancer.

2. The department pays attention to the preservation of physiological fertility in young patients. It has carried out a series of successful surgical treatments, including laparoscopic myomectomy for uterine fibroids, cervical carcinoma in situ and grade CINIII cervical conization, laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery for early cervical cancer to preserve fertility, vaginal extension vaginal shaping and ovarian transposition surgery for young cervical cancer patients,  and preservation of fertility function for early ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer, which preserve physiological fertility function of patients to the full extent. The department also performed vaginoplasty after total vaginal resection of young patients with cervical cancer.

3. The department pays attention to multi-channel, standardized, individualized and minimally invasive treatment, and carries out laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery for early cervical cancer and early endometrial cancer. The Promotion and Application of Laparoscopic Technique in Gynecological Malignant Tumorswon the third prize of Hunan Medical Science and Technology Progress Award.

4. The department focuses on international exchanges and cooperation. In 2016, Nieves and fellow Dr. Brandon, professors of gynecologic oncology at the Prentice Women's Hospital of Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, came to the department for a one-week academic exchange. In addition, the professors also participated in rounds, case discussions and surgical cooperation. The department has established long-term cooperation and exchange with them. In 2016, Director Zhang Keqiang and Deputy Chief Physician Yang Juan went to the gynecologic oncology unit of MD Anderson Cancer Center in the United States to learn the latest gynecologic cancer treatment methods and the latest treatment concept models.

5. The department cooperates with major domestic cancer treatment centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, etc. The department carried out three-dimensional real-type intensity-modulated radiotherapy technology guided by the image of the metaphase and advanced cervical cancer and endometrial cancer, after-loading insertion vaginal surface volume technology for cervical cancer, and concurrent radiochemotherapy for cervical cancer. The development of these comprehensive treatments has improved the survival rate of patients with advanced cancer.

  • Dr. ZHANG Keqiang

    Professor & Director

    Specializes in surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and comprehensive treatment for gynecological malignant tumors, gynecological tumors laparoscopic minimally invasive technique and postoperative plastic and reconstructive surgery.

  • Dr. WANG Jing

    Professor & Vice President of the hospital

    Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for gynecologic malignant tumors, and function reconstruction after destructive tumor treatment; rich experiences in treatment for intractable, severe and advanced gynecologic tumors. She is specialized in providing the individual treatment plan for gynecologic tumor patients, and providing best combined treatment by using the up-to-date technology and medicines. She pays more attention to the combination of foundation research and clinical practices, better transforming the foundation research to guide the clinical work.

  • Dr. GUI Ling

    Professor & Vice Director

  • Dr.ZHOU Ping

    Associate Professor

  • Dr.RAN Xiaomin

    Associate Professor

  • Dr.YANG Juan

    Associate Professor

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