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Nuclear medicine is a new discipline that appliesnuclear technology to diagnose, treat, and study disease. It is the production of the combination of medicinewith modern science and technology, such as nuclear technology, electronic technology, computer technology, chemistry, physics and biology, etc.. Since the 1970s, thanksto the development of single-photon emission computed tomography and positron emission computed tomography and the innovation and development of radiopharmaceuticals, a breakthrough has been made in nuclear medicine imaging technology. The complementation of and mutual confirmation between nuclear medicine imaging and other imaging technology, such as CT, nuclear magnetic resonance and ultrasound technology greatly improve the level of diagnosis and research, so nuclear medicine imaging is a very active branch and important part of the field of contemporary clinical medical imaging diagnosis. 

Founded at the end of 1978, the department of nuclear medicine of our hospital carried out radionuclide therapy of hyperthyroidism, differentiated thyroid carcinomaand related metastasis  and bone metastases, SPECT imaging, chemiluminescence tumor marker detection, etc., and is the first in the province to bring in PET/CT for the early diagnosis of tumorsin 2005. The centeris a nationalprofessionalclinical pharmacology baseofnuclear medicine, and is the chief and deputy chief member unit of Provincial Nuclear Society and Provincial Nuclear Medicine Professional Committee.

The department of nuclear medicine of our hospital has modern advanced diagnostic equipments, including one GE Discovery ST PET/CT and MINI trace cyclotron respectively, one GE double probe SPECT/CT, one GE single probe SPECT, and Bayer, Abbott and German Roche chemiluminescence detector. 

The department of nuclear medicine has a high-level academic team with 24 professionalsincluding3personswith senior titles, 5 personswith senior secondary titles, 6personswith intermediate titles, including 1 doctor and 5 masters. It is currently responsible for presiding over one subjectofMinistry of Health, participatingin one863Program ofMinistry of Science and Technology ,and one subject of Provincial Science and Technology Commission and the Department of Health respectively.

  • Dr. MO Yi


  • Dr. SHI Feng

    Professor & Director

    Good 131I labeled monoclonal antibody targeted radioimmunotherapy cancer, 125I seed implantation of malignant grain, 125I seed grain knife treatment refractory thyroid cancer and metastases, and other new technologies.

  • LIU Kanglong

    Chief Technician& Vice Director

  • Dr. YI Jimin

    Associate Professor

  • Dr. DENG qunli

    Associate Professor

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