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 The Breast Internal Medical Department is the only department in the province specializing in treating breast tumors and featuring medical therapies of breast cancers. The department is honored with different titles including the Demonstration Ward with Quality Nursing Service and the Demonstration Ward for Standardized Treatment of Cancerous Pain by the Ministry of Health, the Red Silk Ribbon Ward by the Red Cross Society of Hunan Province/Hunan Cancer Hospital, and the Key Department of the Hospital. At the present, Dr. Ouyang Quchang is the discipline leader of the department. The department adhering to the philosophy of standardized and personalized treatment adopts chemotherapies, endoctrinotherapies, cellular biological therapies and other comprehensive therapies to treat incipient, intermediate and terminal breast cancers. The department plays an active role in exploring new techniques and methods for curing breast cancers by following closely international development in this aspect. The department also puts the latest achievements in evidence-based medicine to clinical use and builds its special advantages in pre-operative adjuvant treatment and post-operative adjuvant chemotherapy of breast cancers,and the salvage treatment of advanced breast cancers, which have enhanced the therapeutic effects. The department focuses on not only the survival rate but also the life quality of the patients. It also gives equal emphasis both on enhancing the therapeutic effects and on preventing the toxic and side effects and standardizing treatment of cancerous pain. It also gives its patients standardized and personalized treatment in both spiritual and physical aspects by providing them with physical therapies for their body and psychological and convalescent guidance so as to improve the survival rate and life quality of the patients of breast cancers.   

In recent years, the department has taken part in a number of academic activities held both at home and abroad, like CSCO, the annual meeting of the Professional Committee of Breast Cancer with China Anti-cancer Association, SABCS, EBCC, and ST. Gallen Breast Cancer Meeting, etc, to get acquainted with the newest development of the discipline in the world, broaden horizon and improve diagnosis and treatment of breast cancers. The department has also conducted or participated in quite a few clinical experiments for treating breast cancers organized both at home or abroad and undertaken relevant subjects at the provincial or department level, which helps the department become experienced in maintenance therapy of metastatic breast cancers. Up to now, the department has enjoyed certain acknowledgment and recognition in the field in China and the department has been striving to become a top class department specializing in breast cancer therapies in the future. 

Adhering to patient-oriented philosophy,the department has always regards communication, understanding and trust between the medical staff and patients as critical for overcoming diseases and the department is committing itself to providing patients with standardized and personalized optimal therapies.  

  • Dr. OUYANG Quchang

    Professor & Director

    Dr. Ouyang specializes in preventing breast cancer and diagnosing and treatment breast cancer of different stages.

  • Dr. YANG Xiaohong

    Professor & Vice Director

    Dr. Yang specializes in diagnosis and treatment of breast tumors, personalized therapy of breast cancer, palliative treatment of advanced breast cancer, and clinical treatment of toxic and side effects of chemotherapy.

  • Dr. LI Jing


  • Dr. LIU Liping


  • Dr. XIAO Huawu


    Dr. Xiao specializes in medical treatment of breast cancer.

  • Dr. GAO Jianxiang

    Associate Professor

    Specializes in chemotherapy, endocrinotherapy, targeted therapy of breast cancer and deal with side reactions of chemotherapy.

  • Dr. LU Jun

    Associate Professor

  • Dr. WU Hui

    Associate Professor

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