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An Introduction to The Department of Hepatopancreatobiliary Medicine

    With more than 20 years’ history of development, the Department of Hepatopancreatobiliary Medicine has trained a team of medical and nursing staff with rich experience and knowledge cross multiple disciplines like clinical oncology, medical oncology, minimally invasive surgery and intervening diagnosis and treatment, etc. The department has 1 professor, 6 associate professors, 1 associate chief nurse, 2  attending doctors, 2 nurses-in-charge, and 5 nurses. In the department there are 52 beds, independent rooms for RFA operation and intervening surgery, 2 Cool-tip RFA Systems newly developed by American Tyco Company, 1 GE-branded L5-modeled color Doppler ultrasound machine, 1 GE-branded GE9900-modeled mobile DSA, 1 Toshiba-branded EUB-25-modeled b-ultrasound scanner,  and 1 Philips-branded automatic ECG monitor. 

    The department by focusing on medical and chemical therapies of solid tumors like liver cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, nasopharynx cancer, lymphoma, renal cancer, gallbladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, and gastrointestinal tumors, etc, has accumulated plentiful clinical experience and voluminous clinical cases concerning radical chemotherapy, neoadjuvant chemotherapy, adjuvant chemotherapy, palliative chemotherapy, endocrinotherapy, and molecular targeted therapy. 

    The department features nonoperative integrated treatment of liver cancer, which leads both at home and abroad in clinical efficacy. It is the department which first applied RFA treatment in China to the largest number of patients. It pioneered in China in giving RFA treatment to patients of small liver cancer, treatments of RFA plus SBRT, RFA plus TAC (Trasncatheter Arterial Chemoembolization), and TAC plus SBRT to liver cancer patients, RFA with systematic chemotherapy to lung cancer patients, and treatment of RFA with systematic chemotherapy to patients of rectal cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, pasopharynx cancer, and stomach cancer that develop from liver cancer. Up to November 2014, the department has completed more than 2,400 case-times of RFA and more than 10,000 case-times of TAC. The department now is undertaking 5 subjects of Hunan Provincial S&T Commission with 400,000 CNY worth scientific research fund and earned a provincial third prize for medical S&T advancement. Staff in the department has published more than 40 papers as the first author, of which 3 are SCI papers published in foreign journals, and their effect factor reaches up to 30. The department is a professional department on tumor treatment of the clinical pharmacology base of National Health and Family Planning Commission,and it is also the first one since establishment of the hospital which participates in international multi-center clinical trials on new drugs. Now, several international multi-center clinical trials and researches are going on. 

    We adhere to human-oriented philosophy on serving patients . We will dedicate solid ethics and sophisticated skills to their health and well being.

  • Dr. XU Ruocai

    Professor & Director

    Specializes in chemotherapy of malignant tumors and integrated treatment of liver cancer.

  • Dr. LI Jianliang

    Associate Professor & Vice Director

    Dr. Li specializes in integrated treatment, intervening treatment and RFA of tumors.

  • Dr. LIU Hanchun

    Associate Professor & Vice Director

    Dr. Liu specializes in medical treatment, intervening treatment and RFA of tumors.

  • Dr. MA Guoan

    Associate Professor

    Dr. Ma specializes in medical treatment, intervening treatment and RFA of tumors.

  • Dr. KONG Yi

    Associate Professor

    Dr. Kong specializes in medical treatment of tumors, intervening radiotherapy and RFA of lung cancer.

  • Dr. Li Ke

    Associate Professor

    Dr. Li specializes in medical treatment, intervening radiotherapy and RFA of tumors.

  • Dr.OU Shuangyan

    Associate Professor

Address: 7F Building 1
Tel: 89762050
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