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Dr. Liu Jia
Hyperthermia Radiotherapy Ward, Professor&Director
  • Education & Professional Experiences:

    Graduated from medical school of Hengyang Medical College (presently renamed University of South China), obtained bachelor degree. 

  • Specialty:

    Specializes in tumor thermotherapy

  • Research:

    The systematical research on safety and effectiveness of 915MHz high-powered microwave hyperthermia machine; the clinical research on combination of thermochemotherapy and operation for head and neck malignant tumor; the application research on clinical comprehensive therapy of high-intensity focused ultrasound to gynecological benign and malignant diseases (cervical cancer and hyteromypma) and refractory rectal cancer; the application research on influence of magnetic medium materials (magnetic thermoseed) in magnetic induction thermotherapy technology on distribution of radiological dose and its security and effectiveness in clinical tumor therapy; the investigation research on microwave ablation real-time curative effect evaluation technology and microwave ablation standardized therapy standard to lung cancer.

  • Publications:

    1.  Participated in compiling in 14 professional books, and chiefly editing 2 professional books. 

    2.Published more than 20 typical papers related to tumor thermotherapy. 

  • Awards:

    1. Member of deputy director of thermotherapy committee, Chinese Society of Radiation Oncology. 

    2. Director of ACHS

    3. Standing Director of Life Electronics Branch, Chinese Institute of Electronics

    4. Standing Director of Medical Instruments Branch, Chinese Society of Instruments and Apparatus

    5. Member of Physiotherapy Branch,  National Technical Committee on Medical Electrical Equipment of Standardization Administration of China

    6. Member of Expert Committee on the Strategic Alliance for Minimally Invasive Treatment of Tumor In China

    7. Vice president of Strategic Alliance on Technology Innovation for Thermotherapy Medicine Industry, Strategic Alliance on Medical Instruments Innovation of China

    8. Editorial Board Member of Chinese Journal of Radiation Oncology

    9. Assessment Expert of China Food and Drug Administration and Hunan Review Committee of Medical Instruments

    10. Definition Expert of Active Devices in Standard Management Center of Medical Instruments, China Food and Drug Administration

    11. Director of Professional Committee of Radiation Oncology, Hunan Medical Association

    12. Liu Jia participated in Asian thermotherapy conference in 2000, 2002 and 2006, and made speeches in conference. 

    13. Liu Jia made reports in Academic Conference of Radiation Oncology of Pan Pear River Region in 2010, 2011 and 2013

    14. In 2013, Liu Jia was invited to make professional training for Taiwan Therapeutic Society; and in the same year, Liu Jia made a report in the 32th International thermotherapy clinical conference. 

  • Out-patient Schedule:

  • E-mail:


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