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Established simultaneously with the found of Hunan Cancer Hospital in 1977, Department of Radiation Oncology is not only a radiotherapy center in Hunan province but the earliest professional oncology radiotherapy center, as well as one of the units that carry out tumor radiotherapy earlier in China. Through the unremitting efforts of radiation experts generation after generation over the past 40 years, the center, with more than 5000 squares, undertakes more than 600 patients with radiotherapy tasks every day. It has developed as a modernized center of medical treatment, scientific research, teaching and training and been listed the first batch of key specialties and the leading player of radiation oncology in Hunan province. Now, Hunan Anticancer Association Committee of Radiation Oncology, Hunan Radiotherapy Quality Control Center, Hunan Medical Association Committee of Radiation Oncology, and Hunan Anticancer Association Committee of Precise radiotherapy are affiliated to it. 

Concerning to technical strength, talent, equipment scale and patient capacity, the center is in the leading position in Hunan province. The main radiotherapy equipments consist of 7 linear accelerators (include 1 TOM HD), 2 Nucletron brachytherapy machines, 4 simulators (4D CT simulator, CT simulator, MR simulator and conventional X-ray simulator). Meanwhile, radiotherapy planning system, including sets of Eclipse, Pinnacle, Monaco, and Oncentra, together with radiotherapy network system, including Mosaiq, Aria, integration platform MIP , etc., enables the center to carry out advanced radiotherapy such as 3DCRT, IMRT, VMAT, IGRT, TOMO, SBRT and so on. 

The center is equipped with 283 beds, with more than 20,000 outpatients and more than 5,000 in-patients per year. Treating diseases cover head and neck tumor, thoracic tumor, abdominal tumors and others. Now, more than 210 physicians, physicists, technicians, nurses and engineers are working here including 18 chief physicians, 19 associate chief physicians and 25 physicists. All department directors have studiedor have experience as senior visiting scholars in France, the USA, Japan, Poland, Singapore and other countries. In addition, these directors include 2 experts with a special allowance from the State Council, 1 with Hunan provincial government allowance, 1 doctoral supervisor, 9 master supervisor, together with 4 listed in “121 Talent Project”, and 1 listed in “Hunan Talent Project”. 

In 2015, led by the chief physician, Hui Wang, the key laboratory of translational radiation oncology, Hunan province was declared successfully which became the first translational radiation-oriented provincial key laboratory in China. In recent years, the center has published more than 200 papers in official academic journals above the provincial level, including more than 100 SCI papers and more than 20 monographs and won Hunan Province medicine and Natural Science Excellent Paper Award many times. It undertook scientific research projects, including 4 projects on the National Science Foundation, 1 on the subject of nasopharyngeal cancer of "863" project, 1 on the subject of the Ministry of Education, 2 on the subject of the Ministry of Health, 2 on the subject of the cooperation project (SINF project) of world-class M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s sister hospital, more than 20 on the subject of the Department of Science and Technology of Hunan province, more than 20 on the subject of the Health and Family Planning Commission of Hunan province, and 3 on the other subjects. It won two 2ndprize of Hunan Science and Technology Progress, four 3rdprizes of Hunan Medical Science and Technology, and one 4thprize of Hunan Science and Technology Progress.

At present, the enrolled include doctoral candidates and master degree candidates from Central South University, as well as master degree candidates from University of South China. The center is qualified for postdoctoral enrollment of postdoctoral workstation of Central South Universityand has cultivated2 people who have finished postdoctoral research, and many doctoral and master degree candidates. Teaching and scientific research activities for master degree candidates, refresher doctors and trainee doctors have been conducted fully like lecturing and case discussion every Thursday. The center was authorized as the base for radiotherapy training for residents in 2014 and the testing center for Hunan professional radiotherapy skills for refresher doctors in 2017. 

The center, led by the chief physician, Hui Wang, implements the unified administration with 8 subordinate departments including Department of Radiation Oncology (1)-head and neck, Department of Radiation Oncology (2)-head and neck, Department of Radiation Oncology (3)-head and neck, Department of Radiation Oncology-chest(1), Department of Radiation Oncology-chest(2), Department of Radiation Oncology-abdomen/lymphoma, Department of Combined Radiotherapy and Hyperthermia Room. Also there are 10 radiotherapy research laboratories including Clinical Radiophysics Laboratory, Clinical Radiobiology Laboratory, Nasopharyngeal Cancer Laboratory, SBRT Laboratory, Combined Thermoradiotherapy Laboratory, Bio-targeted Intensity Modulated Radiation Laboratory, Radiation-based Breast Conserving Therapy Laboratory, Translational Radiotherapy Laboratory, Intraoperative Radiotherapy Laboratory and Brachytherapy Laboratory.

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