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The Critical Medical Care Department of Hunan Cancer Hospital was previously called the ICU department, which was established in 1994 and was managed successively by the thoracic surgery department and the anesthesiology department until the Critical Medical Care Department was set up in October 2010. The department with a history of more than 20 years is now located on the 4th floor of the outpatients’ building, and its consultancy service phone number is 0731-89762640,89762641.  

Wards of the Critical Medical Care Department are designed and decorated according to modernized comprehensive intensive care units, which are equipped with the central monitoring system, multi-functional bedside monitors, imported respirators, defibrillators, fiber bronchoscope, blood purifiers, blood-gas analyzers, hypothermia instruments, micro-injection pumps and infusion pumps, etc. It is planned to set up 20 beds in the department, and 12 of which will be ready for use recently. At the present, the department has 8 doctors, of which one is chief physician , one is associate chief physician, three are with doctorate degrees, four are with master’s degrees and one with bachelor’s degree, and 27 nursers, of which one is associate chief nurser, one with master’s degree and many with bachelor’s degrees. 

The department has applied many advanced techniques ever since its establishment, such as techniques of circulatory support, respiratory support, infection control, blood purification, timely nutrition support, blood sugar control, controlled sedation and analgesia, etc, which helps sharpen our professional skills and capability and boost the hospital’s comprehensive strength by saving a great number of patients suffering from respiratory failure, sudden cardiac arrest, various shocks, severe cardiopulmonary functional damages, severe arrhythmia, MODS, acute infection, fluid and electrolyte imbalances and acid-base disturbance, etc. In the past 5 years, the department has made yearly growth in admission ratio, curative ratio and successful rescue ratio. 

In recent years, the department has also achieved a lot in scientific researches. The department has undertaken 6 projects of the provincial and ministry level, 1 project of the municipal level, won more than 10 prizes in various scientific researches and published more than 30 papers, 4 of which have been included in the SCI.

  • Dr. WANG Yichun

    Professor & Director

    About 20 years’ experience in clinical anesthesia and critical medical care sharpens the specialty in clinical and experimental studies of acute and chronic pains and ARDS and MODS treatments for severely ill patients.

  • Dr. LI Zurong


    Specializes in treatment of difficult airway, sepsis, septic shock and severe pneumonia.

  • Dr.NIE Jing

    Associate Professor

  • Dr.DONG Jing

    Associate Professor

Address: 4F Building 1
Tel: 89762640
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