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The oncoplastic surgery is a branch of the oncological surgery, and it is an interdisciplinary subject which intergrates theories and technologies in oncological surgery, plastic surgery and microsurgery with characteristics of planned radical resection of tumors and one-stage repair and construction of surgical defects on the basis of multidisciplinary treatment(MDT) of tumors. Its establishment is closely related to the long time theoretical innovation and clinical practice of Professor Zhou Xiao and his team. In 1991-1992, Professor Zhou Xiao engaged in his advanced study for one year in the department of plastic surgery of the Ninth People's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, where Professor Wang Wei presided over the work. In 2001 Zhou delivered ‘The Necessity of Oncoplastic Surgery’ in the Chinese Journal of Oncology, where he became the first to put forward the concept of oncoplastic surgery at home and abroad. In July 2003, he took the lead in establishing the oncoplastic surgery research laboratory in the Hunan Cancer Hospital. In March 2007, Hunan Cancer Hospital officially launched the first oncoplastic surgery department in China (attached to head and neck surgery department), which has cultured more than 10 oncoplastic surgery professionals for our hospital. These professionals in our hospital are mainly responsible for functional reconstruction and wound repair of postoperative patients from each special oncology department. Since this department was founded, it has been divided into head and neck oncoplastic study group, breast oncoplastic study group, chest wall oncoplastic study group, limbs oncoplastic study group, urogenital oncoplastic study group(experts are selected by specialty), and over one thousand of related oncoplastic surgery are performed every year, including the creative design and application in reconstruction of the full thickness defect of the oral and maxillofacial with a peritoneal flap supported by the inferior abdominal artery, use of infrahyoid myocutaneous flap with Re anastomoses vein and reserved variant vein which solves the problem of venous return obstruction by traditional infrahyoid myocutaneous flap; also it promotes the application of anterolateral thigh flap, latissimus dorsi flap, forearm flap, rectus flap in oncological surgery. In December 2005, under the guidance from professor Cao Yilin (chief scientist of tissue engineering project "973"), the world's first repair of postoperative defect of mandibular tumor by tissue engineering bone constructed from autologous bone marrow stem cells was completed, and the research project has been successfully completed three cases so far. 

As a special department of Hunan Cancer Hospital, the oncoplastic surgery department is not only devoted in a large number of clinical practices but also enriching and improving the relevant basic research. Based on the oncoplastic surgery research department lead by Professor Zhou Xiao and Hunan branch center of National Engineering Research Center of Tissue Engineering, the basic research of the related disciplines such as microsurgery, vascular surgery, tissue engineering and so on are carried out. At present, more than 10 scientific research projects in oncoplastic surgery have been finished, and more than 100 professional essays have been published. In 2010, ‘the theory and serial clinical research of oncoplastic surgery’ was awarded the second prize of Hunan medical science and technology. In 2010, Professor Zhou Xiao was awarded the seventh "Chinese Physician Prize". In 2012, the study group of oncoplastic surgery in plastic surgery branch of Chinese Medical Association was set up in the Third World Congress for Plastic Surgeons of Chinese Descent Physician in Xi’an, and Professor Zhou Xiao was elected as the first group leader. In May 2013, professor Wang Wei held the plastic surgery book release ceremony in the Twelfth National Symposium of plastic surgery branch of Chinese Medical Association in Wuhan, where the Oncoplastic Surgery edited by Zhou Xiao, Cao Yilin, Hu Bingqiang also met with readers for the first time. At the meeting, Professor Zhou Xiao was invited to deliver a special report about ‘the Birth of Chinese Oncoplastic Surgery’ in the meeting. In May 2013, Hunan clinical technology research center of oncoplastic surgery was successfully declared as Professor Zhou Xiao was in charge of the project. 


For head and neck oncoplastic surgery group, it currently has 5 wards, 230 beds, including the first and second head and neck oncoplastic surgery department, thyroid oncology department, head and neck radiotherapy department, head and neck chemotherapy department. It is one of the largest China neck cancer treatment centers, which specializes in radical surgery and reconstruction at one stage for cancer in tongue, bucca, larynx, hypopharynx, maxilla, mandible, facial skin and other parts. It also specializes in resection for tumor like carcinoma of parotid gland and repair of facial nerve paralysis.

In 2013, the breast oncoplastic surgery department was formally established, where plastic surgery experts and breast cancer comprehensive treatment cooperative group experts perform the plastic surgery and repair for postoperative defect in breast cancer patients together. At the same time, the relevant basic and clinical research of breast cancer related plastic surgery is carried out.

In 2014, the ‘two-hundred projects’ of breast cancer oncoplastic surgery was started. It set up 1 million special funds for the completion of 100 cases of breast reconstruction in 3 years. Breast cancer has the highest incidence rate in female malignant tumor. The increased incidence rate and reduced age of onset motivate us to transform the previous single tumor radical operation into the current radical cure with plastic surgery. At present, the breast cancer oncoplastic surgery department has mastered the world's most advanced technology of breast conserving surgery, reconstruction or pedicled flap instantly after mastectomy. At the same time, the autologous fat transplantation for breast plastic surgery is under study. The main experts in breast cancer comprehensive treatment group have once studied in some world-famous breast plastic surgery centers such as the MD Anderson Cancer Center in United States, Curie Institute in France, Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital. When performing radical treatment, they strive to bring a healthy and beautiful life to patients.

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