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The department of Traditional Chinese Medicine / Integrative Oncology was founded in 1972 which is one of the earliest and largest institutions of using integrative cancer therapies including traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine in China.They currently have 45 staffs and two wards with 96 patient-beds in total.This department is one of the bases of traditional Chinese medicine clinical oncology of National Ministry of Health, the cultivated state key clinical department of the State Administration of  TCM.
Medical Service:In our department, an integrative approach of medicine which combines Chinese medicine and Western medicine can be used to treat various tumors such as lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and gastrointestinal cancer, intestinal cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, Lymphoma...The majority of cases were advanced or metastatic cancer patients, especially for patients suffering with cancer pain or other related symptoms. Our department focus medical services on developing the traditional Chinese medicine treatment, in addition to the traditional decoction taken orally, but also herbal injection,enema with Chinese herbs,Chinese medicine packets therapy、 fumigation and steaming therapy with Chinese herbs,point application of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and some effective preparations such as“Ganfule Tablet” made by our department. The“GanfuleTablet”won the first prize of national science and technology progress of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1992 and have been benfitting innumerable patients with liver cancer.
Features of Department: Compared with western therapies, integrative medicines have some special characteristics: whole therapeutic concepts, overall treatment regimens, particular evaluated system and individualized cancer treatment. After several years' efforts, the related strategies of treatment with Chinese herbs or decoctions have been concluded systematically which help patients stimulate the immune system, alleviate symptoms of the disease, reduce the side-effect caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy , improve the quality of life or even inhibit cancer cells from proliferating, as well as reverse multidrug resistance expression.Therefore, the patients come from all over the world including Honkong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia,America ,ect.
Currently, there are 45 staffs, including 17 Physicians (5 professors, 4 associate professors, 3 attending physicians, 5 residents doctors) and 28 nurses.
Dr.LiyueHeng :Professor and academic advisor,a well-known expert on TCM Oncology and has the enjoyment of the State Council special allowance .
Dr. WangyuQi:Professor and director,a young and middle-aged oncologists.
Philosophy of Department: Promote the quintessence,beat the cancer, integrate Chinese with Western, benefit the patients .
Purpos of Department: Promote the quintessence,beatquintessence, beat the cancer, integrate Chinese with Western, benefit the patients .
Promise of Department: Try our best sincerely for your trust.

  • Dr. WANG Yunqi

    Professor & Director

    Engaged in tumor diagnosis and treatment in clinic by using the method of Chinese medicine or integrated Chinese and western medicine, he has always been exploring the tumor treatment by using the method of Chinese medicine or integrated Chinese and western medicine, skillfully mastered conventional therapy in combination of Chinese and Western medicine for common tumors, especially in utilizing the method of Chinese medicine or integrated Chinese and western medicine to treat the common tumors like nasopharyngeal cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, intestinal cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and lymph cancer and utilizing the Chinese medicine to alleviate toxic and side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, with rich clinical experience.

  • Dr. LI Dongfang

    Professor&Vice Director

  • Dr. LIANG Hui

    Professor&Vice Director

  • Dr. LI Yueheng


    Proficient in TCM treatment for tumor, by unique Chinese and integrated Chinese and western medicines, to treat liver cancer, lung cancer, digestive tract cancer, breast cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, lymph cancer, and gynecological tumor, to alleviate toxic and side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, to delay tumor recurrence and metastasis of tumor, and realize rehabilitation. The clinical effect reaches national advanced level in treatment of liver cancer and lung cancer.

  • Dr. ZHANG Yuehong


  • Dr. ZHANG Hui

    Associate Professor

  • Dr. LI Yuming

    Associate Professor

  • Dr.HE Xin

    Associate Professor

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