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Ending of Hunan "Lecture in the Air" Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Knowledge Competition with 48 Hospitals in Poor Counties Participated in

39Admin2018-11-12from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

On November 10, the"Lecture in the Air" Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Knowledge Competition ended successfully, which was co-sponsored by Hunan Heath Commission, Hunan Cancer Hospital, Chengzhou No.1People's Hospital, Huaihua Cancer Hospital and Provincial Clinical Medication Quality Control Center, and actively participated in by the oncology departments of all 48 county-level hospitals in poor counties in the province, and 145 primary medical care staff of the oncology departments experienced the baptism of the competition.

In 2017, the Work Plan for the Projects ofEstablishment ofOncology Departmentof County-Level Hospitals in Poor Counties and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Hunan in 2017was jointly developed by the former Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and the Provincial Department of Finance, and the task of establishment of the oncology department was undertaken by Hunan Cancer Hospital. For the purpose of realizing treatment of tumor patientswith all efforts in county-level hospitals, by improving the cancer diagnosis and treatment level of county hospitals in poor counties, this hospital issued detailed implementing plans and supervision programs. Under the leadership and step-by-step directions of the “chief leader”,  the establishment of oncology departmentsand construction andacceptanceof the standardized cancer wards of 48 county-levelhospitals in poor counties have beencompleted, and a number of oncology professionals have beentrained, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and technologists.

This knowledge competition is a promotion of the project, aiming atcheckingthe effect of the homogenization of training at the opportunity of the competition activity. As introduced by Hunan Health Commission, there is a plenty of highlights in the"Lecture in the Air" Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Knowledge Competition. First of all, the competition consistedof two stages, written exam and quick answer, and the exam questions wereall from the Lecture in the Air, realizingthe purpose of participation and improvement of all staff. Secondly, instead of the so called "master-hands" carefully selected through multiple stages by hospitals, the participants weregrouped and examined by Chengzhou No.1People's Hospital and Huaihua Cancer Hospital entrusted by Provincial Health Commission, in the orderfromhigh level to low level, really realizing the principle of fairness, justice and openness. Furthermore, In this competition, the previous tradition of mechanically executing medical orders and designating operation items wasreformed, instead, what wasemphasized werethe abilities of the participants, such as clinical diagnosis and treatment, drug use and medication, protocol development, clinical problem finding and solving, and the accomplishments of them including communication, health guidance and patient care. This competitionhas two stages,namely,rigorous theoretical examination (100 points) and on-site quick answer (100 points). Each player on the stage of on-site quick answer showedhisor herown style with the best spirit state.

President of Hunan Cancer Hospital Liu Xiangguo introduced that, through this competition, they could not only know situation ofstudents’on-the-job study and the effect of the homogenization of online training, and help students to review and retrospect again various aspects of knowledge including basic theory,early diagnosis, standardized chemotherapy and standardized treatment of cancer pain forthe common cancers,such as lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, esophageal cancer and gastric cancer, etc.,, , but also grasp the degree of the knowledge absorbed by the students, including selectionof cancer chemotherapy protocol, treatment of adverse reactions and prevention and treatment of complications, providing assistance for the "face to face" training which will be performed in the cooperation base in the next stage. More importantly, the competition improved the enthusiasm and initiative of the students in study, and realized the transformation from "I was requested to learn" to "I want to learn", making students really become useful and reliable oncology talents of the county-level hospitals in poverty counties.

Finally, through fierce competition,winners ofthe first prize, the second prize and the third prize in this competition will be commended in the year-end summary meeting of the province. 

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