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E-Health Card, Convenient for You and Me -- Hunan Cancer Hospital "E-Health Card" is Officially Launched

39Admin2018-12-04from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

"Every time going to a hospital, I have to apply for a card, which takes time and efforts, I soon become a big card holder in hospitals". "The medical records and images must be brought with me if I go to a hospital, and sometimes I am really bothered when the examination report is lost." "2 hours on the way, 3 hours of waiting and five minutes of seeing a doctor …" This is a true reflection of many patients going to hospitals; it has become an ordinary state for Chinese who need medical service and the source of disputes between doctors and patients.

In order to alleviate the pressure of patients presenting to hospitals and solve the problem ofdifficulty ingetting medical service, in active response to the call of National Health Commission and Health and Family Planning Commissionof Hunan Province, Hunan Cancer Hospital again upgraded the network information service,andlaunchedsubsequently another convenient, favorable and beneficial initiative for people—e–health card, after the mobile registration appointment services were offered by Alipay and WeChat. InSeptember 2018, the "e-health card" ofHunan Cancer Hospital wasofficially launched!

What is e-health card? Generally speaking, an e-health card is like a "health ID card" for residents, and is a media connecting residents with medical institutions, family doctors and public health services. The information can all be recorded in ane-health card, such as resident identity information, health record information and information about visiting doctors, etc., which can be brought with you no matter where you are, providing quick and overall access for doctor. The e-health card can dynamically collect resident's electronic health records, realizing mutual recognition and sharing of health information; thusthe situation of one card for one hospital and repeated issuance of cards without any link is no longer the case. For residents, the use of e-health card can notonly realize carrying of medical health information, but also reduce the expenditures for repeated examinations due to no mutual communication between medical institutions, satisfying residents with the informatization of universal health to the greatest extent.

For the purpose of creating an"intelligent hospital", with the development idea of "everything for patients", Hunan Cancer Hospital insistson the innovation of informatization favorable for people, paysclose attention to the implementation of the "E-HealthCardProject", and focuseson the information technology challenge. With the concerted efforts by the whole hospital, the e-health card was officially launched, equipped with multi-scenario application functions such as medical services, payment settlement, and electronic health records sharing, etc., getting through the whole medical service process. Residents no longer worry about goingto hospital with a mobile phone in hand. Patients can come to hospital just with a mobile phone after receivingan electronic health code through the Wechat public account "Electronic Resident Health Card" and storing it in the Wechat card package, and no additional cards are required in the whole stage of registration for seeing a doctor. With an e-health card, medical cost can be greatly saved, and the time of queuing upfor registering, paying and getting medicine can also be reduced, therefore, the pressure on the registration and charging services in hospitals can be effectively alleviated, and the time and cost for seeing doctor can also be reduced with improved efficiency of medical service, and the masses can thus enjoy continuous, efficient and convenient medical service. The hospital experiences of patients are really improved, with the realization of "working with data, convenient for patients".

Hunan Cancer Hospital willcontinue, based on advanced information technology, to promote convenient, reasonable and scientific medical service for patients, and build a new medical service mode in the era of mobile Internet, further improving the quality and efficiency of the medical service,andactually alleviating the problem of "difficulty ingetting medical service" for the masses.

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