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Prof. Renwang Peng of Swiss Universität Bern formally employed as our visiting professor and making an academic report

39Admin2018-12-19from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

On November 5~8, at the invitation of Prof. Wang Wenxiang (head of Thoracic Surgery Department II), Prof. Renwang Peng from the Swiss Universität Bern made an academic exchange in the Hunan Cancer Hospital. During this period, he was formally employed by our hospital as a visiting professor. In the afternoon of November 6, a lecture was made by Prof. Renwang Peng for our research persons and postgraduates: Targeting therapy-resistant thoracic tumors. This lecture was presided over by Prof. Wang Wenxiang. In this lecture, Prof. Renwang Peng mainly introduced the pathogenesis for drug resistance of such thoracic tumors as lung cancer and pleura mesothelioma and the achievements of his research group in the drug-resistant genes of thoracic tumors and the action target of drugs. At the end of lecture, he deeply interacted and exchanged with the teachers and students in situ. 

In the past, Prof. Renwang Peng ever made exchange visits at our hospital for many times. Two students of our hospital were recruited as his doctoral students; several subject studies were cooperated with Thoracic Surgery Department II of our hospital, two scientific research subjects were jointly applied, and one subject was approved. In 2018, major achievements on research were made by the Thoracic Surgery Department II. The surgical cases were increased continuously, and our department concentrated on the breakthrough in research. Up to now, 6 scientific research subjects have been approved, and 5 SCI articles have been published. By formally employing Prof. Renwang Peng as the visiting professor, our hospital will be greatly benefited in improving the research level of our hospital and assisting the yield/transformation of research achievements. In the future, both parties will strive to bring about new hope for cancer patients by deeply cooperating in the drug resistance mechanism of lung cancer and the research and transformational application of stem cell therapy and immunotherapy. 

In 1966, Prof. Renwang Peng was born in Huaihua City, Hunan Province. He has various academic titles: doctorate of Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; post-doctorate of Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry; visiting scholar of School of Medicine of Dartmouth College; professor and doctoral tutor of Universität Bern Medical School. His study fields focus on cell biology, stem-cell biology and tumor molecular biology. He has hosted several subjects of Swiss Cancer Foundation. He has published over 20 articles as the first author and correspondence author in various international top periodicals, e.g. Science, PNAS, Oncogene, J. Cell Biol. and EMBO J. 

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