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​President Liu Xiangguo led a delegation to participate in the 2019 annual meeting of Anderson Cancer Center

39Admin2019-07-03from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

From April 29th to May 2nd, 2019, our delegation participated in 2019 annual Global Academic Programs (GAP) Conference of MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston under the leadership of President Liu Xiangguo. In this meeting, there were three conference speeches delivered by medical staff from our hospital, including Associate chief physician from department three for head and neck radiotherapy, Yang Pei’s “Prediction model of biological behavior of nasopharyngeal carcinoma based on CT image”, head nurse of female tumor department four, Ye Sha’s “Consequences of Cervical Cancer Treatment on Sexual Health in Chinese Cancer Survivors: A Qualitative Study” and doctoral candidate from chest department two, Peng Wenyin’s “Pathogenic germline mutation in Chinese lung cancer patients”. Besides, 12 papers from our hospital were included in the wall poster. 

On April 29th, President Liu Xiangguo and director of International Cooperation Office, Wang Beidi, attended the sister hospital roundtable meeting and dinner, and gathered together with representatives from global sister hospitals. At the meeting, Dr. Michael Kupferman, deputy director of the Anderson Cancer Center, introduced the work of the global cancer network, sister hospital project (SINF), clinical research and relevant information of 2020 GAP meeting. “Large-scale Imaging-based Biomarkers for Evaluation of the Response to Radiation Therapy in Head and Neck Cancer (LIBERTY)”, a cooperation project between Yang Pei, associate chief physician of our hospital, and Anderson Cancer Center, was selected in the 2019 SINF issue. Representatives from our hospital exchanged views with Dr. Peter Pisters (dean of the Anderson Cancer Center), Dr. Michael Kupferman (associate dean of International Cooperation), Dr. George Wilding ( associate dean of Scientific Research) and Dr. Lewis Foxhall (associate dean of Health Policy ), respectively, in terms of mutual visits, academic exchanges and cooperation, cancer prevention and control networks, and tobacco control projects.

On May 2nd, Anderson Cancer Center also held a special Sino-US breakfast meeting to welcome participants from the Chinese sister hospitals and scientific research cooperative hospitals, and exchanged views on issues of common concern between China and the US. Anderson Cancer Center’s deputy dean Dr. Michael Kupferman and Dr. Lewis Foxhall attended the meeting. Besides, Mr. Li Qiangmin, Consul General of Chinese Consulate General in Houston was also specially invited to attend the meeting. In view of the recent spread of news about MD Anderson’s dismissal of three Chinese-American scientists in the Internet and social media, the holding of “Light of Hope” breakfast meeting has a very special significance. Dr. Michael Kupferman said in his speech that MD Anderson has a long history of cooperation with Chinese sister hospitals, and hoped to continue this relationship in the future. Consul General Li Qiangmin affirmed MD Anderson’s leading position in cancer treatment in the United States. He pointed out that “the positive effects of US-China relations over the past 40 years have brought the changes in China, the United States, and even the world”.  He emphasized that “The exchange between China and the US has mutual benefits. MD Anderson’ s continuous collaboration with China can bring great significance to medical improvement between China and the US”.

During the meeting, our delegation also visited the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, and exchanged views with the Consul General Li Qiangmin and relevant consuls on the international cooperation as well as cooperation with MD Anderson. The Consul General has affirmed and praised the international cooperation work conducted by our hospital, and will strongly support the exchanges and cooperation between our hospital with the US, especially top medical institutions in Houston.

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