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Hunan Cancer Hospital will be your strong backing--Hospital leaders visited the families of Medical Team from China (Hunan) to Aid African

39Admin2020-04-14from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

On April 13, Huayue Yu, Party Committee Secretary of Hunan Cancer Hospital, Xiaohong Liu, Deputy Party Secretary of Hunan Cancer Hospital, Xufan Zhao, Chairman of the Labor Union and other hospital leaders visited the families of the hospital's medical team in Africa, sending them gifts and condolences.

At present, the global COVID-19 epidemic has been spreading rapidly, which has affected Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone where medical teams from Hunan Province are dispatched.The local hospitals have enormous difficulties such as insufficient staff, shortage of epidemic prevention materials and increasing living cost.To help them further confidence and perform their duties better, Hunan Cancer Hospital leaders visited families of Yi He, associate senior doctor of Head and Neck Oncology Department, Wei Zhou, doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Department who are both members of the 21th Medical Team from China (Hunan) to Aid Sierra Leone, Zhizhong Liu associate senior doctor of Urology Surgery Department who is a member of the 17th Medical Team from China (Hunan) to Aid Zimbabwe. During their visits, our hospital leaders held cordial talks with the families and expressed their thanks for their support. They also asked if they have any difficulties in daily life and work that our hospital can help.

In order to support her husband's one-year mission to Africa, Liu Liang, Zhizhong Liu 's wife, temporarily stopped her working to take care of their two young children. Secretary Huayue Yu expressed to her the concern and condolences from the hospital's party committee, “Zhizhong Liu obeyed the arrangement of our hospital, overcame all kinds of difficulties, took the overall situation into consideration, served the African people, interpreted the sacred duty of the angel in white with selfless dedication and devotion, and made contributions to the country. On behalf of the hospital, I would like to express my high respect and heartfelt thanks to him.” Liu Liang said she would fully support her husband's work.

Zhiding He, Yi He's father, a retired doctor from Hunan Cancer Hospital, was moved to tears when he saw Xiaohong Liu, deputy secretary. He said, "As a doctor, it is her duty to treat diseases and save people and a glorious mission to help the African people. I do hope my daughter can cherish this honor, earnestly perform her duties, and do her best to provide high-quality medical services for Sierra Leoneans, successfully and resolutely completing the mission of the motherland and the hospital ."

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