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Hunan Cancer Hospital's "Climbing Program for Scientific Research" is Sailing——Steady Advance of the Hospital's "127" Plan

39Admin2020-06-25from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

On May 28, 2020, the "Climbing Program for Scientific Research" was officially launched at the 2019 Science and Technology Award Conference held by Hunan Cancer Hospital. As one of the hospital's "127" plans, more than  30 million RMB of scientific research funds were set up to support the hospital's in-service science and technology faculties to overcome the central issues and difficulties in comprehensive prevention and treatment of cancers. The conference summarized and praised the achievements of various scientific research projects in 2019: 167 scientific research fund projects were approved, with a subsidy of 13.741 million RMB. The "QiHang Youth Cultivation Fund" was established to further improve the professional competence of young scientific and technical experts in the hospital. A total of 357 papers had been published, including 93 on core journals and 94 SCI papers. The total impact factor of SCI reached 381.479, and the number of clinical trials increased rapidly.360 scientific researchers were praised and awarded with up to 8.05 million RMB in total at the conference.

According to Dr. Xiao, Yazhou, the president of Hunan Cancer Hospital, the Scientific Research Climbing Program composed by five sub-projects:  Major Scientific Research Projects, Key Research And Development Funds, "Clinical Research (IIT Project)" Funds, Cultivation Fund for NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China), and QiHang Youth Cultivation Fund. The launch of the program aims to encourage hospital staff to implement scientific research, cultivate excellent scientific research experts, strengthen the construction of professional discipline system, guide and support interdisciplinary integration. Furthermore, promote the hospital's technological innovation, continue to enhance the scientific influence, support the construction of Healthy Hunan, and provide scientific and technological support for the hospital to become a national regional cancer center.

 In addition to the implementation of the program, for the purpose of optimizing the management of scientific research, motivate the enthusiasm of scientific researchers, and provide a guarantee for the development of science and technology of the hospital, the "Award Scheme for Scientific Research in Hunan Cancer Hospital," and the "Administrative Measures for Reimbursement of Thesis Publication Fee in Hunan Cancer Hospital" were also revised. Moreover, the "Measures for the Management of Scientific Research Fund in Hunan Cancer Hospital" , and "Measures for the Management of Research Integrity" were released officially. In the future, based on the National Clinical Research Registration and Record System,  the management of investigator-initiated clinical research will be strengthened. With the utilization of the "Internet + Continuing Medical Education" to conduct learning and training programs, organize diversified "Youth Science Association" activities, a broader academic exchange platform for young science and technology researchers will arise.

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