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Hope for Terminal Indigent Cancer patients

39Admin2020-06-25from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

Early in the morning on April 15th2020, Mr Wang ,a advanced rectal cancer patient, living in Jinjing town Changsha County , stood on crutches at the door kept looking, expecting experts from Hunan Cancer Hospital, feeling excited and nervous.

In June 2018, Mr Wang was diagnosed with rectal cancer at the First People's Hospital of Changsha County. Although radical surgery and chemotherapy were undergoing, disease kept progressing. In April 2019, he developed pain, which required analgesic treatment. To shake off poverty, Mr. Wang managed a farm house resort under the support of the government .However his illness led to a huge debt in the family. "I stopped working due to my illness, but I am the bread earner for a big family."Mr. Wang said sadly. Now his wife struggles to support the family by working in the town, it could not afford to support the pain-killing medication. The visit of experts from Hunan Cancer Hospital light up his hope 。

Support: To Light Up the Hope of Life

During April 15th to 21th 2020, the 26th National Cancer Prevention and Treatment Awareness Week will be held, with the theme of " Joint Action for Cancer Prevention and Treatment". Taking this opportunity, Hunan Cancer Hospital, Hunan Medical Association, Chinese Psycho-social Oncology Society, together with Changsha Yuelu District and Changsha County government, launched the public welfare support project of " Pay attention to cancer pain, sending care to your home" for economically disadvantaged cancer patients with pain. It aims to relieve cancer pain, ease psychological distress and give economic support, so as to improve the quality of life of economically disadvantaged patients with terminal cancer.

"Economically disadvantaged patients with terminal cancer should receive social attention and care."Xiao Yazhou, president of Hunan Cancer Hospital and the main initiator of the project, said that there are about 300 patients with advanced cancer in Yuelu district and Changsha county, only 18 of them have been benefited from free home-based holistic care by hospice unit of Hunan CancerHospital. Most of the poor patients with advanced cancer have not yet entered the free home-based holistic care system. This public welfare project is expected to assist 100 people in Changsha County, and the hospice unit will provide free pain-killing drugs, nursing care, psycho-socio-spiritual and bereavement support–provide continuous care for the patient and family.

 Mr.Wang is the first beneficiary of the project. "With the support, the difficulty will be overcome. The hospice team will relieve cancer pain to improve your quality of life, and provide economic supports." president Xiao said. President Xiao 's words, light up the hope of Mr Wang and his wife , encourage them to be strong in the face of adversity.

Caring: Lighten the Burden of Life

"My illness is all due to the stress of life events. I'm under so much pressure!" Ms Ye, a patient in Changsha County, is the second beneficiary of public welfare support project. In early 2019, Ms Ye was diagnosed breast cancer. After surgery and endocrine treatment, she felt unbearable pain in bones as long as certain amount of labor was done, which need pain relief treatment. Life is full of difficulty for her. Her husband suffers from mental illness, and has been hospitalized for a long time because of hurting others. Her Mother is also a mental disorder patient who lives in nursing home cause her Inability to take care of herself. In addition her son is still in high school needing support. Besides her uncle is a widowed man and has been supported by her. As the sole breadwinner of her family, suffering from cancer, she was exhausted and desperate.

Liu Xiaohong, chairman of Chinese Psycho-social Oncology Society and deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Hunan Cancer Hospital, sat beside her and listened until Ms Ye calmed down. She said to her, “The situation of your family is really disturbing. Supporting this family all by yourself is tough, but you did it. We all admire you very much. According to your situation, our hospice team will connect social resources to reduce your financial pressure as much as possible. For treatment and pain relief, you can trust the hospice team, which will surely help you to be a painless state and improve your quality of life.” "Thank you, thank you for your support and help." Ms. Ye held Liu's hand tightly and kept saying thanks.

It is understood that Changsha hospice unit of Hunan Cancer Hospital was founded in 2008 providing free home-based holistic care, with the support of the Li Ka-shing Foundation. It has been committed to serve terminal cancer patients, easing their pain, improving the quality of life. Until April 15th 2020, Changsha hospice unit covering all over  Chang-Zhu-Tan area, has traveled nearly 400000 km, supported the terminal cancer patients with nearly10 million RMB of analgesic drug.

 Pay attention to cancer pain, sending care to your home. Zhong Zhijun, President of Changsha County Public Health Bureau and Changsha County First People's Hospital, said that the launch of the public welfare support project for economically disadvantaged cancer patients with pain has truly benefited grass-roots patients, demonstrating the social responsibility and responsibility of Hunan Cancer Hospital.



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