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With "127" project,Hunan Cancer Hospital will provide better quality, more efficient and more convenient medical service

39Admin2020-06-25from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

What is "127" project?

It means one goal, two lines and seven plans.

Firstly, one goal is to build the leading national cancer center in China.

Secondly, two lines are as below:

1. To provide whole process service for cancer patients.

① To strengthen health education.

② To establish the system of early screening, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Hunan province.

③ To provide comprehensive scientific treatment.

④ To promote rehabilitation.

⑤ To promote hospice care.

2. To provide the most scientific and reasonable treatment for every cancer patient.

① To promote the construction of informative big data platform for cancer patients.

② To update MDT diagnosis and treatment mode and to implement chief expert responsibility system for single disease.

③ To monitor the rationality of all the clinical  departments.

Thirdly, Seven plans include:

1. Medical quality and safety improvement plan

To implement eighteen core medical systems,

To implement the triple responsibility system,

To strengthen the implementation of clinical pathway and single disease management, and attach importance to perioperative period management,

To strictly control the bottom line of nosocomial infection.

2. Talent and Discipline Cultivating Plan

To strengthen the cultivation of talents,

To stick to the principle of priority to talents in hospital while supplemented by the introduction of talents, to promote the construction of disciplinary talent with special funds,

To implement "Chunhui" series talent plan,

To increase the construction of high-level talent team and strength the introduction of high-level and badly-needed talents,

To promote the reform of professional titles and try to implement the appointment of senior professional and technical titles in hospital,

To promote the reform of salary system steadily and to explore the annual salary system of high-level and badly-needed talents,

To promote discipline construction,

To carry out discipline stratification and to implement strategies individually,

To promote the technology of surgical robot and to vigorously carry out new technology and new projects,

To introduce next generation sequence (NGS) equipment and to establish molecular detection platform,

To explore the application of AI technology in the field of early diagnosis and treatment of cancer,

To carry out and to promote the construction of pathology subspecialty, and to expand the radiation area of remote pathology consultation platform,

To establish comprehensive prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment center and early screening center in Hunan Province, and to establish the first child cancer diagnosis and treatment center in Hunan Province,

To establish Hunan Provincial urological cancer research institution,

To establish Hunan Provincial hematological malignancies research center as Provincial Key Laboratory,

To establish lymphoma database of Hunan Cancer Hospital,

To carry out new technology and projects such as transperineal prostate biopsy, prostate cryoablation, CAR-T in the treatment of lymphoma and multiple myeloma.

3、Scientific research “climbing”plan

To put special funds and to cultivate key research teams, mainly focusing on disciplines such as gynecological cancer, oral cancer, cancer plastic surgery, and to incubate key national scientific research projects,

To strengthen scientific research integrity and academic norms,

To Continue to promote major special projects of science and technology in the 13th Five-Year plan, and continue to build provincial clinical research center and laboratories,

To apply for 2020 National Natural Science Fund.

4. Infrastructure promotion plan

To promote the establishment of cancer prevention multiple-use building.It will be mainly used for medical technology, daytime treatment, scientific research and teaching, training and cancer early screening,

To start the construction of three-dimensional parking garage.It is expected to build 567 new parking spaces to solve the problem of difficult parking in hospital.

5. Hospital appearance reconstruction plan

To increase the sidewalk and green belt, to transform and connect the road and landscape along the east side of hospital, to optimize and the improve traffic circulation and situation,

To gradually repair the facade of hospital buildings and reconstruct the outdoor exposed pipeline.

6. Patients' Medical service improvement plan

To break through the blocking points and pain points in the process of medical service,

To construct pre-hospital preparation center and appointment center in two phases.

7. National Cancer Center construction plan

According to the national standards for cancer center construction, to figure out the deficiencies and to make up for the shortcomings,

To strive for the guidance and support of Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, especially in project construction and approval, and integrate the superior resources in Hunan Province,

Based on Medical Association, to establish an integrated prevention and control system with full process management and multiple levels participation in Hunan Province.

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