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Patient first, and build a first-class cancer center in China.

39Admin2020-08-21from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

Yu Huayue, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hunan Cancer Hospital(first from left), and XiaoYazhou, President of Hunan Cancer Hospital, visited the inpatients in the ward.

On January 30th , Hunan Cancer Hospital opened on-duty clinic;On February 3th , we taken the lead in fully opening the clinic; On March 16th, we step forward boundly and cautiously to intensify the opening and follow-up visits, cancelling the limitation of both the general outpatient clinic and specialist outpatient clinic online......

Notwithstanding the horrible epidemic of COVID-19, cancer treatment cannot be delayed. Sticking to the patient first principle, Hunan Cancer Hospital has received 87,711 outpatients, achieving the goal of both anti-epidemic and anti-cancer since the outbreak of COVID-19.

It is the 26th National Cancer Prevention Publicity Week from April 15 to 21 this year,with the theme "Fight together for Cancer Prevention and Treatment".On April 23th, President Xiao Yazhou made a report on the second meeting of the Ninth Workers' Congress, pointing out that in 2020, our hospital will carry out the “127” plan: carry out seven plans around one goal and two main lines, aiming to enable the patients enjoy a high-quality, high-efficiency and more convenient medical service.

Receiving all who needed, to save them from running around

What is "127" plan? One goal means to build a national first-class cancer center. Two main lines denote "the whole course service for cancer patients" and "the most scientific and reasonable treatment for every single cancer patient".Seven plans indicate medical quality and safety improvement plan, talent discipline cultivation plan, scientific research climbing plan, capital construction promotion plan, hospital appearance renovation plan, patient experience improvement plan and national cancer regional center construction plan. Every item is closely related to the patient.

Hunan Cancer Hospital is a tertiary A-class cancer specialized hospital and one of the "National Top 100 Hospitals", integrating medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, prevention and rehabilitation. It has signed a sister hospital with The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Hunan Cancer Medical Center, Provincial Cancer Research Institute, Provincial Cancer Research Office, National Drug Clinical Trial Institute and Provincial Anti-cancer Association are all located in our hospital, which is the research center of cancer prevention and treatment in the whole province.

Even so, Hunan Cancer Hospital sits anywhere from 11th to 12th place by national rankings among other 40 tertiary A-class cancer hospitals in China, being placed in the second echelon. XiaoYazhou said that comparing to the top 8 hospitals, which among the first echelon, we still have distance in resources, talents, disciplines and comprehensive abilities. Both our hospital and others are making great progress these years, building a first-class national cancer center is a medium and long-term goal. We strive to rush into the top eight or top ten in about five years.

According to the latest data released by Hunan Cancer Prevention and Research Office in 2019, the cancer incidence n is 216.53/100,000 in Hunan, and there are more than 160,000 newly found cancer patients every year. In Xiao Yazhou's mind, the first criterion for becoming a first-class cancer center in China is to privide the most advanced treatment to all the cancer patients in Hunan,so as to save their energy from travelling to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou for medical treatment.

Improving quality and ease the difficulty of seeing a doctor

Radiotherapy is a conventional treatment method among the three major cancer treatment methods, which can greatly improve the cure rate of cancer. More than 70% of cancer patients need radiotherapy at different treatment stages. However, many cancer patients do not receive radiotherapy or timely radiotherapy due to the limited accelerator (radiation equipment).  

According to the standard of 2 to 4 accelerators per million population set by WHO, Hunan should be equipped with at least 150 accelerators, but in fact there are only less than 100 accelerators in the whole province.

As the only third-grade A-class specilized cancer hospital owning the best radiotherapy in Hunan Province, Hunan Cancer Hospital possesses seven accelerators, which can far not meet the actual needs yet.

Our hospital is actively promote the project declaration of the comprehensive building for cancer prevention and treatment. The project covers an area of 110,000 square meters, by setting up radiotherapy, medical technology and day treatment rooms to solving the problem that it is difficult and expensive for common people to see a doctor and by setting up units for scientific research, teaching, training and early screening of cancer to improve the level of scientific research and education, and enhance the ability of cancer prevention and treatment.

Meanwile, in order to adress the parking difficulties for patients, our hospital has started the construction of three-dimensional parking garage which is being divided into two blocks initially: A and B.

The parking lot and badminton court to the south of the office building are taken as block A, and the 18th building being demolished is planned as block B.

Several construction sites are in Hunan Cancer Hospital, aimming to beautifying, and brightening the environment of our hospital. By dismantling the old or dangerous buildings such as original facade of the South Gate, the old patient canteen, 16th building, 18th building, old boiler room and greenhouse, improving pavements and green belts along the way to the South Gate, transforming the roads connecting to east side of the hospital and the landscape along it, optimizing the traffic microcirculation, repairing the exposed pipelines.

Amid sonorous roar of machines, Hunan Cancer Hospital is being reborn.

Humanistic care illuminates the patients’ last journey.

Hunan Cancer Hospital has been committed to providing services for the whole course of cancer patients, including preventive education, early diagnosis and treatment, comprehensive treatment, rehabilitation, hospice care, psychology and spiritual care."To provide the most scientific and reasonable treatment for every cnacer patient", in other words, "the lowest cost and the best curative effect".
By promoting the construction of the information-based cancer big data platform, the hospital realizes the phased monitoring of patient examination results; by optimizing MDT (multi-disciplinary treatment) mode, implementing the chief expert responsibility system for single disease, and popularizing MDT in cancer outpatient clinics, we can improve the diagnosis and treatment ability of difficult and severe diseases and monitor the treatment according to MDT results; by monitoring the department rationality, every patient can get the most effective and standardized treatment.
The hospice care is a significant part of the all-round service for patients in Hunan Cancer Hospital. In 2013, we established a hospice care ward to relieve the pain of dying cancer patients, provide them with full care and illuminate their last journey with love.
Miss Lin, a patient with advanced breast cancer, has a survival assessment of only about one month. As her condition worsened, she became more and more depressed. The medical staff walked into her heart through accompanying and listening repeatedly, the support and care from family members made her feel the beauty of life. One day, after a routine round, she gently asked the nurse, "How long can I still live? I want to go to the 30-year gathering of classmates and my father's 70th birthday, and I also want to see the rape flowers! " With the joint efforts of hospice medical staff, volunteers and family members, Miss Lin fulfilled her last three wishes and left with peace.

In the past seven years, the nurses in the hospice care ward have taken care of more than 4,600 advanced patients like Miss Lin.They have seen too many lives to deaths, but they still think that every life deserves a curtain call with dignity.

Develop our hospital with one heart and serve our patients with one mind

Once you click the official website of Hunan Cancer Hospital, our motto appears on the first page - “Develop our hospital with one heart and serve our patients with one mind” which is the basic principle we are sticking to since the hospital was founded 48 years ago and has penetrated into every hospital worker’s bone marrow.

In order to let the patients enjoys their medical experience here, we are continuously optimizing the process from outpatient registration to medical examination, hospitalization and discharge settlement, getting through the blocking and pain points, such as the slow speed of radiotherapy, the long queue time for releasing diagnosis, the long time for issuing pathological reports, and the crowded ECG examination places;establishing pre-hospital preparation center and reservation center to enable the patients to complete relevant examinations before admission.

This year, our hospital will abide by the deployment of Hunan Government and Hunan Commission of Health to find out our shortcomings and make up them according to the construction standards of the national cancer regional medical center, to strive for the guidance and support of the Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in project construction and approval, to integrate the superior resources of related disciplines in Hunan Province, to strengthen cooperation and cooperation with cooperative units and related support departments.

Based on the medical alliance, our hospital will establish the whole process management and multi-level participation in prevention and treatment System in Hunan Province, and theconnotation construction should be strengthened from the aspects of prevention, medical treatment, scientific research, teaching and management.

Introducing high-level talents both nationally and internationally.

As of April 2020, Hunan Cancer Hospital has 2095 employees, including 488 masters, 148 doctors, and among the 2122 professional technicians, 564 have senior titles and 692 have intermediate titles. There are totally 11 experts and 4 experts respectively enjoying State Council special allowance and provincial government special allowance. We also have 1 famous doctor from Xiangya, 13 experts from the "121 Project" and 23 experts from the "225 Project".

Although cultivating plenty of talents, Hunan Cancer Hospital is still eagerly seeking talents.

On April 9th this year, we issued an announcement to recruit a director of clinical pathology department from both nationally and internationally. According to the principle of "one person, one discussion", we offering generous remuneration, including annual salary, resettlement fee and research funding, which had drawed Chinese-American experts, scholars studying in Japan and leading talents from famous hospitals to sign up. On April 23rd , our hospital openly recruited 21 doctors, technicians and researchers.

Based on the disease-centered discipline classification, our hospital implements the "Chunhui" series talent plan to promote the construction of high-level talents, formulate the "2020-2024 Talent Introduction Plan" and the "2020 High-level Talent Introduction Plan" and ramps up our efforts to attract high-level and scarce talents. Moreover, we advance the mechanism reform of professional titles and salary allocation.

Hunan Cancer hospital has been always sparing no efforts to cultivate talents. This year, our hospital will invest tens of millions of special funds to promote the construction of subject talents echelon. In 2019, the hospital completed the probation examination of 29 people, adjusted 13 cadres, and added 5 branch committees, most of whom were doctoral degrees and high professional titles and not a few even had studied abroad, having an international perspective, and could keep up with the latest medical trends.

Only with talents can we boost the discipline construction and start the scientific research climbing plan. Not a teaching hospital at the beginning, Hunan Cancer Hospital got a late start in the National Natural Science Foundation and there is still a big gap compared with the top hospitals in China. The potential of scientific research and innovation has yet to be excavated.

Xiao Yazhou noted that the hospital plans to invest special funds on a large scale, cultivate key research teams, and focus on building disciplines including gynecological tumors, oral cancer, tumor plastic surgery and key scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

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