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A father with terminal cancer smiles as his children surprisingly appear at home completing a family photo desire

39Admin2020-08-21from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

“Why do you two come back home without telling me?’’ Mr. Yang, who is 51 years old, sat up from bed with a long-lost smile on his face, as his son and daughter appeared in the village of Wahui in Yuelu District on June 8. Mr Yang is a mason, and has supported the whole family by being hardworking. He has a son and a daughter, both excel in their studies. His daughter is preparing for a PhD, and his son is in his fourth year of college. He has always been very supportive of children's studies and dreams.

The family is full of longing for the future life. Mr Yang thought he could finally relieve and enjoy a better life, as the children would soon graduate from school and earn money themselves. He used family savings to renovate the old house last year. However, all this was shattered by the disease. In 2019, Yang was diagnosed with lung cancer with multiple metastases at Hunan Cancer Hospital, after lung disease was discovered during a physical examination. The news came as a bomb to the family. For a moment he wondered if the doctor had made a mistake, but he finally had to accept the reality.

In order to treat the disease, the family emptied all their savings, and owed tens of thousands of yuan. Now more than 1000 yuan in monthly pain relief costs are unbearable. Due to the family's financial difficulties, Mr Yang stopped anti-tumor treatment.

“It turned out to be terminal, and we were really worried.”Miss Yang, who is 28 years old, is Yang's eldest daughter, has just finished her postgraduate study and is preparing for her PhD in Guangzhou. My younger brother, who is about to graduated from college, gave up postgraduate school because of the family situation and is now doing an internship. We knew what would come and wanted dad to be happy.

On the morning of June 8th, Liu Xiaohong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Hunan Cancer Hospital and the person in charge of the Spiritual Care Project, led the staff from the Hospice Unit, Publicity Office and other relevant departments to Yang's home and prepared a big surprise for him. Bring Mr Yang’s daughter and son home without informing him to give him a surprise. At the same time, the Hospice Unit Team also has a special plan, to complete a family photo for Yang’s family.

“ Our family never had a formal family photo, thank you all sincerely.”Miss Yang said. Over the years, parents have been busy supporting the siblings to go to school, and the family has not taken a formal photo. Thanks  caring staff, a family of three generations, took a family photo  in front of the new house built by Mr. Yang himself. A long-lost smile appeared on Mr. Yang's face .

I really didn't expect my daughter and son would suddenly come home to take photos with me. ThankHunan Cancer Hospital for helping me! In fact, I really want them to stay with me, but I am afraid of delaying their work. My greatest wish is to see them promisingly!”Mr. Yang said.

After the family photos were finished, hospice team from Hunan Cancer Hospital provide Mr Yang with hospice services. Liu Xiaohong said that the hospice unit will continue to give free hospice service including free painkillers. At the same time, Liu Xiaohong handed out a donation from Caring Fund which was set up by Hunan Cancer Hospital to help people in need to Yang .

Liu Xiaohong said that patients with cancer have to deal with more difficulties than other patients, like the cost of treatment and the psychological pressure from both their families and society. Patients have always been the focus of the hospital, but they also need support from society.They need special attention and support, including economic, psychological, social support as well as home care.

“I hope you two can come back home more often and spend more time with your family.” Liu Xiaohong said that although the patient was seriously ill, he never stopped educating and cultivating his children. Even though the family  is not financially, they raised a pair of excellent children. We hope that they can go home often to accompany their father and give him more spiritual care. “We hope that the patient's strong willpower and children’s filial piety can be transmitted to the public, which also reflects the humanistic care of the hospital.”

“Since its establishment in 2008, Hospice Unit of Hunan Cancer Hospital has been providing free home visits to poor patients with advanced cancer who have been suffering from painand the work will continue.” said Shi Yingrui, director of the Hospice Unit. Poor patients with advanced cancer in areas including Changsha urban and its surrounding regions of 150 kilometers who are suffering can receive free palliative care services, such as free painkillers,treatment and nursing guidancewhich aims to improve their quality of life and reduce pain. This is the service concept that the Hospice Unit has been adhering to, also it is one of the ways for the specialized medical alliance of Hunan Cancer Hospital to provide support to grassroots hospitals and communities. Above all, it is the health poverty alleviation and charity extension service that the hospital is going to  carry out vigorously in the future, highlighting the hospital’s dedication to public service and its social responsibility.

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