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"Online Concert" for the 99th anniversary of the founding of theCPC!For the anti-epidemic Heroes!

39Admin2020-08-21from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

"In 2020, COVID-19 is sweeping the world. Our country, our people and our doctors are guarding each other with strong arms. Music has no national boundaries, and the isolation zone can't stop us from caring  for each other. " On July 1st , to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the Party, a special "online concert" started at 9:00 am on the WeChat. Hundreds of thousands of both staff and patients of Hunan Cancer Hospital, as well as the public,watched the special concert through mobile phones.

2020 is a special year. Since 1921 up till now, , the Chinese Communist Party has been leading the Chinese people through these 99 years. 2020 is also an unforgettable year. This year, COVID-19 has disrupted people's lives. However, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, tens of thousands of medical workers, armed with white medical clothes, went out on a retrograde expedition to fulfill the doctors’ mission of helping the people. They are the most respected people in the new era.

"During the epidemic period, in the face of cancer, which is a disease that can't afford to wait, the hospital made every effort to ensure the order of daily diagnosis and treatment in the hospital,while adhering  to the principlesof anti-epidemic and anti-cancer, alongwith multiple measures to meet the needs of cancer patients. In order to pay tribute to the anti-epidemic warriors and celebrate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, the hospital adopted the special form of "online spiritual concert" to share this special care with everyone,Yazhou Xiao, President of Hunan Cancer Hospital, introduced that the "online spiritual concert" is the 26th time that Hunan cancer hospital has held spiritual concert, and it is the first time that a live broadcast has been used to carry out this spiritual concert. 

This "spiritual concert" is rich in content, including singing and dancing, recitation, sketches, etc. Through the combination of online live broadcast and program recording, it fully shows the contents of the hospital's celebration of the Party, anti-epidemic, and civilization creation. The audience can see the celebration online through the official WeChat account of Hunan Cancer Hospital and Maker Xiaoxiang, which is very convenient.

The call of the times is our aspiration, and the need of our motherland is our choice. We should always believe in our Party and follow their guidance. . At the beginning of the concert, a song "always follow the party" sends the blessing to the Party with beautiful dancing posture. At present, they are rushing to Hubei, building up health barriers with medical skills and great love, and "unforgettable record of epidemic" is an interview done by video. There are also some talks, from Lemeng Zhang, Boyong Shen and Wenjuan Jiang, three representatives of medical personnel supporting Hubei Province, who were interviewed to share their beautiful stories about dedication and great love. With the Aid to Africa program, despite the language barrier, it proves that love knows no boundaries. Chinese Medical Team members in Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe express their yearning for the motherland and their families with "a letter from home"; without humanities, there will be no medical treatment, by reading " the power of civilization", the team expresses the important idea that the hospital integrates humanistic care with medical service and guides the reform and development of hospital with humanistic spirit. In addition, programs like "red song singing", the recitation of "anti epidemic hope" and the  original MV named "no matter" are presened.

According to Xiaohong Liu, thedeputy secretary of the  Party Committee of Hunan Cancer Hospital and the person in charge of Spiritual Care, the soul concert has been held in Hunan Cancer Hospital for more than seven years. The activity provides a good platform for both hospital staff and patients to relieve their pressure and promote their physical and mental health. It is a symbolic business card for Hunan Cancer Hospital to practice humanistic care.

"During the epidemic period, Hunan Cancer Hospital, as the first hospital to restore outpatient service in the province, has always put the interests of patients in the first place in order to meet the needs of patients and constantly optimize the mode of treatment. No matter in Hubei anti epidemic battlefield, or in the hospital clinical front line, the majority of Party members and cadres are charging ahead. "Huayue Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hunan Cancer Hospital, said, "by holding an online concert, we salute the Party members who are devoting in front, and further call on everyone to learn from the Excellent Communist Party members.

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