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Hunan Cancer Hospital team went to Liulangping Village, Sangzhi County to take targeted measures in poverty alleviation

39Admin2020-08-21from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

During midsummer, from July 2 to 3, a team with more than 20 members from Hunan Cancer Hospital, went to Liulangping Village, Sangzhi County to implement targeted measures in poverty alleviation in spite of the continuous heavy rain. The poverty alleviation team members consisted of Secretary of the Party Committee Yu Huayue, Vice President Chen Yongyi, Wang Jing, Hu Jun, deputy Secretary of the Party committee Liu Xiaohong, and Zhou Xiao, the Director of the Provincial Institute of Cancer Prevention and Control, and Liu Xiangguo, the Inspector of the ProvincialHealth Commission,etc.

The HunanCancer Hospital once again donated 150,000 yuan of industrial support to Liulangping Village, Sangzhi Countyonce, and signed the 2020 consumption poverty alleviation agreement. At the forum, Yu Huayue, Secretary of the Party committee, praised the arduous work of the poverty alleviation team and the committees of the village branch. He pointed out that over the past three years, remarkable achievements have been made in village appearance, infrastructure, grass-roots party organization construction, etc. And the living standards of people have been steadily improved. These hard won results are admirable and gratifying. He said that Hunan Cancer Hospital will, as always, stick with two main aspects, medical and health aspect and consumption aspect, resolutely implement the requirements of the Central Committee, the provincial Party Committee and the Party of the Provincial Health Commission, and work together with the village poverty alleviation team to successfully complete the poverty alleviation task.

Subsequently, the working group carried out free clinic and home visit.

In the township health center, knowing that the experts from Hunan Cancer Hospital opened the clinic free of charge, numerous villagers came. Li Zan, Wu Lin, Zhou Yanjie, Hu Yingbin, Chang Xiaochang and other experts conducted on-site diagnosis and treatment for more than hundred people. "Thank you for lifting my worries."Mrs. Peng,who was diagnosed with tendon cyst on the wrist,said to Li Zan, Zhou Yanjie, two professors who conduct diagnosis and treatment on the spot.

Experts also carried out health education on common and chronic diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes, and distributed more than hundreds health education materials. The villagers were very grateful.

The flood control work in Liulangping Village was at a critical stage on that day.  Ignoring the high risk of collapse and flooding, the leaders still insisted on visiting the six poverty-stricken families who had been helped by our hospital, devoloping a deep understanding of their difficulties and problems during the epidemic, sending them living materials, delivering love and encouragement.

"You even went to the working site to see me when I was in Changsha. I don't know how to express my appreciation to you... " Mei Zhiyong from one of the supporting families, said to Yu Huayue. During the visiting, Mei Zhiyong told Yu Huayue that well now the policy of Communist Party of China, his family enjoys a significantly improved living standards, no worry about food and clothing any more. Knowning that Mei Zhiyong's father was injured in an accident, Yu Huayue offered financial assistanceonce again without hesitation and encouraged him sincerely ”As long as believing yourself, trusting the Communist Party of China, and working industriously,  we will gain a brighten future.”

Zhou Yanlin, the poverty alleviation team leader in the village assigned by Hunan Provincial Health Commission, acknowledged the help from our hospital: "The hospital Party Committee has been attaching great importance to the poverty alleviation work and has achieved remarkable results. All the six families have been successfully lifted out of poverty. I would like to express gratitude on behalf of them !"

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