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A Notice of the Xiangya-MD Anderson International Forum on Oncology of 2005 (the Annual Meeting of G. H. Fletcher Society of the Radiotherapy Association with MD Anderson Cancer Center)


Respectable colleagues,

The Xiangya -- MD Anderson International Forum on Oncology will be held between June 12th - 14th, 2015, in Worldhotel Grand Jiaxing in Changsha, Hunan. All participants will register and check in on June 12th and academic exchanges will be held on June 13th and 14th. The forum is organized by the Radiotherapy Association with MD Anderson Cancer Center/G. H. Fletcher Society, the Professional Committee of Oncology of Hunan Medical Association, the Professional Committee of Radiotherapy of Hunan Anti-cancer Association and Hunan Medical Association, the Professional Committee of Gynecological Oncology of Hunan Anti-cancer Association, the Professional Committee of Clinical Chemotherapy of Hunan Anti-cancer Association, the Professional Committee of Vascular Access of Hunan Nursing Association, the Professional Committee of Immunotherapy and Nutriology of Hunan Anti-cancer Association and Hunan Control Center of Radiotherapy Quality, etc, undertaken by Hunan Cancer Hospital (the Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Xiangya School of Medicine of the Central South University), and sponsored by Hunan Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. 

This is a grand meeting staged to promote international cooperation and exchanges by Hunan Cancer Hospital (The Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Xiangya School of Medicine,  Central South University) together with the world first-class cancer center-- MD Anderson Cancer Center, featured with the theme: enhancing gain ratio of cancer therapies. The meeting will focus on new development on innovative radiotherapy technologies, tumor stem cells, molecular targeted therapy, immunotherapy and other cutting-edge oncological technologies that are drawing most attention from around the world. During the meeting, famous oncologists from American MD Anderson Cancer Center and China will present academic exchanges and special lectures on the latest research achievements in basic and clinical oncology. Besides, parallel sessions will also be held by relevant professional committees .

This meeting will provide you with precious opportunities to communicate face to face with both foreign and domestic well-known scholars through various manners, including attending lectures, joining seminars, hearing excellent thesis by middle-aged and young authors, viewing wall posters and reading thesis compilation, etc. All participants will be awarded with the I-class credits for national continuous education of 2015. Never miss your chance on this academic feast and let’s make our common progress by learning from each other.

We sincerely invite you to join us in Changsha, Hunan by enjoying the grand academic meeting on the most forward oncological technologies. We are looking forward to your presence!

Co-chairman: Liu Jingshi, Zhou Xiao, Liao Zhongxing

Vice Chairman: Hu Bingqiang, Yu Jinming, Lang Jinyi, Li Yexiong, Wang Lvhua


June 12th, 2015(Fri)All dayRegistration and check-in
June 13th, 2015(Sat)MorningOpening ceremony and special reports at the main venue
June 13th, 2015(Sat)AfternoonSpecial reports at parallel sessions
June 14th, 2015(Sun)MorningSpecial  reports at parallel sessions
June 14th, 2015(Sun)AfternoonSpecial  reports at parallel sessions
June 15th, 2015(Mon)MorningDeparture

Contact Information:

Contact Information of Meeting Secretariat: Peng Mingqian, Wang Juan; Tel: +86 731 89762609

Contact information of Meeting Secretary: Peng Mingqian; Mobile: +86 18274889545

Further information about the meeting can be obtained at the website: http://xymdacc.hnzlyy.com/

Contact of the radiotherapy profession: Xi Xuping: Mobile: +86 13974806077 Wang Hui: Mobile: +86 13973135460

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