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Recruitment of Charity Run Participants in Hunan Stop of 2016 Hope Run Beijing

admin2016-08-17from:Human Cancer Hospital

“Hope Run Beijing - charity run for fundraising for cancer patients and cancer prevention and control research” was hosted by Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Cancer Foundation of China (CFC) and co-sponsored by the Embassy of Canada in China, Human Resource Development Center of the General Administration of Sport, and Health and Family Planning Commission of Chaoyang District. As the largest public benefit activity of fundraising for cancer patients and research, it has involved 290,000 caring participants, raised contributions of more than ten million yuan which are all used for the research of cancer prevention and control and impoverished early-stage cancer patients, thereby achieving great welfare effects and social responses.

In order to attract more attention to the cause of prevention and control of cancer so that more cancer patients can benefit from the event, Hunan Cancer Hospital has cooperated with the organizers of Hope Run Beijing for its promotion and co-hosted Hunan Stop of 2016 Hope Run Beijing, attracting more and more people and enterprises from all walks of life to join the cause of promoting the development of cancer prevention and control.

Time: 9:00 am, September 10, 2016

Location: West Lake Park in Changsha


1. Charity Run. Hunan Stop of 2016 Hope Run Beijing is a non-competitive mass fitness activity for charity. It mainly comprises the stages of launching ceremony, jogging, vigorous walking, etc. With the idea of “participation first”, there is no ranking in the run and it requires no mileage of the participants.

2. Science Education. Focusing on the theme of prevention and control of cancer, anti-cancer science awareness campaign should be carried out in the form of science exhibition boards, interaction of science education, etc.

3. Fundraiser The activity is going to launch public fundraising in the name of CFC. The funds raised will be appropriated to the special fund of Hope Run Beijing of CFC to subsidize impoverished cancer patients and researches on cancer prevention and control.


Registration Capacity: 1000 people

Registration Fee: 50 yuan at least

Registration and payment method:

Please sign in the official Wechat public account of Hunan Cancer Hospital (Wechat name:hnzlyiyuan, hnszlyyweixin) for registration, and then pay in Changsha West Lake Park before 8:30a.m. of September 10.

Runners and caring people are welcomed to register!

According to the requirements of Hope Run Beijing, all contributions (including registration fee) will be raised to subsidize impoverished cancer patients and research on cancer prevention and control. Each participant will receive a T-shirt and a certificate and a receipt / invoice of charity contribution issued by CFC.

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