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Notice of the First National Academic Conference of Oncoplastic Surgery and Functional Surgery Chapter of CPAM and the Eighth Oncoplastic Surgery Microsurgical Surgery Operation Training Class

39Admin2017-04-19from:Hunan Cancer Hospital

Dear colleagues:  

      The transition of biological - psychological - social medical model brings a profound revolution of the tumor surgery and the functional reconstruction that meets the aesthetic design after tumor radical resection is an inevitable extension of the tumor surgery. To respond to the trend, oncoplastic surgery is emerged, which integrates the rigor concept of tumor radical resection, smart plastic design and practical functional reparation and reconstruction, to help tumor patients to return to the society with dignity and restart their beautiful life.   

     With the theme of “integrating new technologies and creating a new discipline”, the first conference will be held in Changsha, Hunan province from May 24 to 28, 2017. Over 100 domestic and foreign first-class experts in the field of oncoplastic surgery led by 6 academicians will gather together to discuss the cutting- edge academic developments and the latest technological achievements and explore the development and planning of the discipline “oncoplastic surgery”. At that time, the head and neck oncoplastic surgery group, flap surgery group, medical biomaterials group, oncoplastic surgery health education and rehabilitation group, oncoplastic surgery nursing group, Henan provincial oncoplastic surgery group founding conference, academic conference of Clinical Medicine Research Center of Hunan Provincial Oncoplastic Surgery, the training class of the Eighth Oncoplastic Surgery Microsurgical Surgery Operation, the study class of the Fifteenth Session of Application of Functional Surgery in Treatment of Oral and Maxillofacial Tumor, and the training class of Tumor Nutrition Therapy (CNT) will be held simultaneously. 

     This conference is sponsored by Oncoplastic Surgery and Functional Surgery Chapter of CPAM and co-sponsored by Hunan Medical Equipment Industry Association, Hunan Society For Biomaterials, Hunan Cancer Hospital/Affiliated Tumor Hospital of XiangYa School of Medicine, Central South University, and Cancer Rehabilitation Professional Committee of Hunan Provincial Rehabilitation Medical Association.   

I. Organization Committee  

Honorary chairmen: Academicians Han Demin, Fu Xiaobing, Fan Daiming, Xia Jiahui, Zhou Honghao, Dai Kerong, and professors Liu Xiangguo, Cao Yilin, Guo Shuzhong, Qi Zuoliang, Luan Jie, Xing Xin, Li Guiyuan, Hou Chunlin and Shi Hanping

Chairmen: Professors Zhou Xiao, Song Guangzheng   

II. Schedule  

1. The first national academic exchange and group founding conference of Oncoplastic Surgery and Functional Surgery Chapter of CPAM & academic conference of Hunan Provincial Clinical Medicine Research Center of Oncoplastic Surgery  

2. The Eighth Oncoplastic Surgery Microsurgical Surgery Operation Training Class   

Held from May 12 to June 9, 2017 (divided into two groups: head and neck oncoplastic surgery group and breast oncoplastic surgery group). Duration: 16 days, including registration (1day), theoretical training (2 days), animal experiments (6 days), perforation flap body autopsy video lesson (1 day), observation of operation (6 days), (first group: registration: May 12, animal experiments: from May 13 to 21, observation of operation: from May 22 to 28; second group: registration: May 24, animal experiments: from May 25 to June 4, observation of operation: from June 5 to 9. Theoretical training of the two groups: May 26-27, attend the The first national academic exchange conference of Oncoplastic Surgery and Functional Surgery Chapter of CPAM and the sub-conferences, autopsy video class: May 28). 

3. The study class of the Fifteenth Session of Application of Functional Surgery in Treatment of Oral and Maxillofacial Tumor

May 24   Registration

May 25   Academic Exchange

May 26-27   Academic exchange in main venue

May 28-31    Visiting of 3D printing company, observation of operation   

4. Training class of Cancer Nutrition Therapy (CNT) 

May 25   Registration

May 26   Academic exchange in main venue

May 27   Academic exchange in the sixth sub-meeting venue  

 III. Location: Changsha EMPARK Hotel (No.199, Jintai Road, Kaifu District, Changsha City, Hunan province, intersection of Xiangjiang Avenue and Furong North Road)  

IV. Paper Soliciting

Papers are solicited according to the above topics of the conference. All counterparts are welcomed to contribute. The Conference Academic Committee will organize experts to conduct assessment on papers. Oral speeches, poster shows and compilations will be made for excellent papers.  


1. The manuscripts should be scientific, advanced, practical, with precise words and highlighted key points..

2. Count of words: 500-1000 words. The format of papers is shown in Appendix 1.

3. Indicate the name, unit, mailing address, zip code, telephone and e-mail of the author.

4.Submission: send to the email: ops2017@163.com, with the subject named “conference submission (name + thesis title)” 

5. Deadline: April 25, 2017.   


http://hn.cpam.org.cn/ (中国医促会肿瘤整形外科分会官网)

For more information, please visit the official website of the conference: 

Http://www.hnzlyy.com (official website of Hunan Cancer Hospital)

Http://hn.cpam.org.cn/ (official website of Oncoplastic Surgery Chapter of CPAM) 

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